BMK players to represent NPC at National Games

BMK Basketball team 2017

Bishal Milan Kendra (BMK) basketball players are set to represent Nepal Police Club (NPC) at the National Games basketball tournament which is said to take place this week.

The one off arrangement will see all of the current BMK players plus one from Xavier Int’l (Ajay Kushwaha) put on NPC jersey during the National Games basketball event which takes place at the covered hall in Tripureshwore.

When asked about the nature of the deal, BMK chief Pranish Jung Shah told Arko Network on the phone that there were no financial deals of any nature. But he said, “it’s a great opportunity for the lads to play as they probably wouldn’t have been allowed otherwise as the National Games only allows regional teams or government security forces (Army and Police) teams.”

It is our understanding that some of the basketball players and coaches have been hoping that Army and Police forces start basketball teams so they would get a decent job opportunity. Although it is one off deal, it may spur interest from these institutions for a permanent basketball team. Tribhuvan Army Club is the only one who already have a basketball team.

So what if NPC does offer these players permanent contracts at their club…what happens to BMK?

Shah said that he will not hold them back. “NPC can give them better future than we can”, he said adding, “if NPC take them, I will build a new team at BMK.”

There is also word that Himalayan Hounds will represent APF at the National Games in a similar arrangement.

Please note: the featured image does not show all of the current BMK players. This photo was taken during BMK Cup 2017. Since then they have added at least 3 new players. While Ajay Kushwaha (6) and Khunkhen Thing (14) at the time were on load from Xavier Int’l College. Prazun Pokharel (8) is currently abroad on a college internships.

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