Winter Women’s Basketball League suffers slight hiccup


The first edition of the Winter Women’s Basketball League suffered slight hiccup after the first match had to be postponed due to poor visibility.

The match between NCCS and NASA was delayed due to ongoing political programme at the venue (BMK). The match did start hoping they could get it over with before it got dark but it wasn’t the case. Ultimately it had to postponed for another date right after the first half break.

Initially the plan was also to install lighting equipment to tackle such situation but organisers said they couldn’t do it because of other programmes at the venue.

Organisers have told us that rest of the league fixtures will continue as planned. And they say the matches will take place on time.

Although the match was postponed, both sets of players did have enough time to display the quality fans of Nepal Women’s Basketball can expect.

NCCS had their usual team roster while NASA had managed to bring together players from Goldengate (Muna, Sneha) and Prime Gorillas (Sabita, Bishnu, Soni, Ashmita) to their own to form a fairly good team, at least on paper. NASA have also brought back Suchita Gurung, who was last seen playing at the BOOM Women’s League last year.

Kasmata Niraula in particular looked in top form for NCCS, and the improvement on the team was noticeable but they still lacked in the scoring front. While NASA first five looked in good form despite the lack of competitive matches at their disposal, and the fact that they were yet to gel in as a team…and it was good of NASA to bring back Suchita Gurung, one of many female talents who are not seen all that much these days. Also presence of Sabita Khadka (on the NASA bench), who suffered knee injury (Anterior Cruciate Ligament partial tear) few months back, was encouraging.

NASA was leading the game by a point when decision was taken to postpone the game.

Rest of the league fixtures are said to continue in their usual slots and today’s fixture will probably be moved to the end of the first round of matches.

NCCS squad: Kasmata Niraula, Lomash Shrestha, Jenisha Gurung, Sujita Thapa, Aakriti Shrestha, Sapana Gurung, Shatakshi Oli, Melani Lama, Ashmita Bhujel, Manu Chand.

NASA squad: Sabita Khadka, Suchita Gurung, Anisha Basnet, Muna Maharjan, Bishnu Darlami Magar, Soni Waiba, Sabeena Tamang, Sneha Shrestha, Asmita Malla.
Tomorrow’s fixture:
Saipal vs Warriors | 4:30 pm