SXC Cup 2017: St. Xavier’s men, women through to next round


Great day for the hosts of the St Xavier’s College Basketball Tournament 2017 as they made it through to the next round of the competition in both men’s and women’s game.

St. Xavier’s ladies defeated Pulchowk Engineering College in the first match; while the men defeated Thames College on day 7 of the competition today.

St. Xavier’s ladies proved superior to their opponent Pulchowk in all aspects of the game as they led from start to finish. They opened a small margin in the first quarter and added a more in the second. However, they could’ve done better.

Akriti Shrestha drives through the lane.

If the number of steals and rebounds they won were anything to go by they should’ve scored plenty more but they missed a lot of easy chances on fast breaks. Could’ve done with some points specially in the third quarter as they failed to add any points.

They were fully in control of the game though — solid defending kept Pulchowk far from catching up. Anyhow, they made up for it in the final quarter to extend their lead by 15 points.

Akriti Shrestha, only player to get in on the double digit scoreline, went on to receive the player of the match prize.

Final score: St. Xavier’s 29-14 Pulchowk (07-03, 13-06, 00-03, 09-02).
Highest scorer: Akriti Shrestha – 10 points.

St. Xavier’s men had similar fortune as their ladies counterpart as they went on to lead all the way to the final buzzer.

Ayush Tamang taking control of the ball after stealing.

They did falter a little in the second quarter allowing Thames College to close the gap down to 4 points. But come the second half, they raised their game — completely dominating for the remainder of the match.

In the end they had built up a huge margin of 35 points as they booked their place in the quarter-final as Group C winner. NATHM follows them to the next round as group C runner up.

Final score: St. Xavier’s 60-25 Thames (15-07, 08-12, 24-04, 13-02).
Highest scorer: Ayush Tamang – 16 points.

St Xavier’s ladies to face Xavier Int’l in the final

Another team enjoying a double win today was Xavier Int’l, who defeated Apex in both the men’s and women’s game, a repeat of their feat from their previous fixture.

The win takes Xavier Int’l ladies’ to the final in the women’s game along side the hosts. They are yet to face each other in the group phase which will decide who finishes as group winner.

As for Xavier Int’l men, today’s win puts them at the top of Group D… firm favorites to reach the quarter-final as group winner.

Day 8 (June 25) Fixtures: 

Pulchowk vs DWIT – 11:00am
Apex vs Pulchowk (W) – 12:30pm
British vs Morgan – 2:30pm
Quest vs ACE – 4:00pm