Rajopadhyaya announces retirement from int’l duty

Subrat Rajopadhyaya 2014

Nepali Basketball player, Subrat Rajopadhyaya, has announced retirement from international basketball following his exit from the National team.

After 10 years of service, Rajopadhyaya’s international basketball career has come to an end. He had started his international basketball career with his debut in the Asian championships qualifier back in 2005.

Rajopadhyaya decided to retire from international game after he was cast aside from the preliminary team of last 16 after the national team selection process.

Nepal National Team at SABA 2014
Subrat Rajopadhyaya and Bijay Burja (4th and 5th from left) with the Nepal National Basketball team at the 3rd SABA Championships held in Kathmandu.

Following his decision, Rajopadhyaya told Arko Network, “After 10 years of service, I would’ve liked to retire on a high; may be after the South Asian Games.”

“But after all the dedication to the team, not to make it into the top 16 was a huge disappointment”, he added.

“What’s worse is that I don’t know why? Was there fault in my dedication to the team?”, he added. “All they told me was that the selection committee did not pick me.”

He said, “we were specifically told by the head coach that in the event that we didn’t get through, we would be told why; so long as we ask respectfully.”

“I have tried to contact the head coach on the phone and online; but so far no answer”, he said, adding “I would be completely happy if there was a good reason.”

When approached by Arko Network, head coach Nakarmi refuted the claims. However, he did not say that he had personally explained Rajopadhyaya about his exclusion either.

While, the national team assistant coach Biku Maharjan told arko network that Rajopadhyaya as well as players like Burja didn’t meet the standards required for international game.