Prime, Goldegate win NeBA President Cup 3X3 Basketball Tournament


The 3X3 basketball journey that began with sixty teams concluded today…Prime ‘D’ bagged the women’s title while Goldengate ‘D’ triumphed in men’s game.

The men’s winners were awarded cash prize of Rs 40,000 along with winner’s trophy and medals while the women’s winners were awarded cash prize of Rs 30,000 as well as the winner’s trophy and medals. Runner-ups received Rs 20,000 and Rs 15,000 in cash prize in men’s and women’s game respectively…along with runner up trophy and medals.

Off course, for many (36 teams), the journey was over on the first day of the event hosted by Nepal Basketball Association (NeBA) at the Nepal Sports Council covered hall.

Day 2 started with the fall of Bhani Mandal followed by the only college team — Time College. Both knocked out by Goldengate teams.

And the surprises started unfolding as big names started to falter. All three South Siders teams were knocked out followed by two Himalayan Hounds (although a new team they had fairly strong line-up). And the next round (men’s quarter-final) saw both Army teams fall as did Nayabazar and NeBA U-16.

In the women’s game, Prime ‘A’ and Prime D sidelined their sister sides, team C and B to reach the semis. Saipal ‘A’ who also faced one of their own reached the semis while Army received walkover from Rato Bangla.

The semis which were televised live saw Prime ‘A’ and Prime ‘D’ reach the final. Prime ‘A’ featuring Nepal women’s international defeated the Army Club featuring another Nepal international, Anusha Malla. While Prime ‘D’ which also featured Nepal international, Luuniva Singh, sidelined Saipal ‘A’ with relative ease. However, Prime ‘D’ were left with a bitter taste as one of their players, Sabita Khadka, suffered knee injury which forced her out of the tournament.

Similar fate ensued in the men’s semi-final with teams representing the same side, Goldengate, reaching the final. Goldengate ‘B’ defeated Nayabazar while the Goldengate ‘A’ overcame challenge from Bishal Milan Kendra (BMK).

Come the finale, Prime ‘D’ weakened by the loss of Sabita Khadka through injury trailed in the first five minute or so but soon gained ground to defeat Prime ‘A’ (13-11) in a close contest.

Best was yet to come….men’s final….goes without saying. Heavily contested with strong outside shooter on both sides. It was neck and neck…but in the end team B just nicked it…Bikram gave his side the lead and the win on the buzzer.

Luuniva Singh won the MVP award in the women’s game while Rajiv Joshi won it in the men’s game. Both MVPs received award and cash prize of Rs 7,000.

Final scores:

Prime ‘A’ 11-13 Prime ‘D’ (Women)
GGIC ‘A’ 20-21 GGIC ‘B’ (Men)

Semi-final scores:

Prime ‘A’ 20-14 Army (Women)
Saipal ‘A’ 08-20 Prime ‘D’ (Women)
GGIC ‘A’ 21-12 Nayabazar (Men)
BMK 16-21 GGIC ‘B’ (Men)

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