National-Level Basketball League: No it’s not a typo!


Scrap the “National Basketball League”; the upcoming men’s basketball league is to be titled the “National-Level Basketball League”. That’s a mouthful!

We’ve just been told that the upcoming men’s basketball league title is changed from “National Basketball League” to “National-Level Basketball League (NLBL)”. Small change which may hold greater significance.

At an informal meeting, the President of PDCN, Namit Thapa, told Arko Network that NeBA will not allow the use of the word “National” on its own. Hence the change.

PDCN Chairman, Arun Karki, was also present at the meeting who told us he wanted to take a hands on approach and be there for this project just as his colleagues at PDCN are doing. “In order to avoid any mismanagement,” he said. Eager to make it a success.

Other major change includes in how the league will conclude. Initially we were told that there would be one final match between the top two. But the new change will see top four teams fight it out in a play-offs.

Team finishing the league in top position will play the semi-final against the team finishing fourth; while team finish second will play the third placed team. Winner of the two semis will play the final at covered hall, Tripureshwore on March 31, 2018. Third place play-off will also (possibly) take place at the same venue.

What’s in a title?

To simpletons like ourselves, not much. It is just a word vs a phrase. As long as the league/competition impresses us, whatever title/name they adopt, that will stay in our minds for the long haul.

There are sports leagues around the world without the use of such words that still encompasses the whole nation. It is just that in our country (Nepal) it has to be spelled out….for some reason we have to state the obvious…may be even be pedantic about it just to make it complicated.

But for those who seek political correctness, it’s a big deal.

The thing is Nepal Basketball Association (NeBA) reserves the right to the use of the word “National” in any basketball event in Nepal. And initially, we were NeBA had allowed the use of this word. But they’ve made a U-turn.

But then, as much a homework the organisers have done, it is their first time. And it is only normal for things to evolve as they go along. We may even see more changes. They might even go with just the phrase “Basketball League” with the main sponsors’ name in front of it.

So why the U-turn?

We don’t exactly know why. But what we can speculate from this is that:

  1. NeBA may not play as big a role as we initially thought. We were told in our previous meeting with PDCN president, Thapa, that NeBA will play a major role. But then it could mean anything. And we won’t know their exact role until the MoU between the two parties or stakeholders is signed. Which could be any day soon.
  2. NeBA could be rightly reserving the word “National” for themselves. Which means they could start their own basketball league instead of taking over this league in the future.

We’ve also been informed that fixtures have been all done. But it is not yet released though. The probable match time is said to be 9:30 am and 12:30 am; two matches per day. But it could change. And as we said in our previous post, all matches will be played at respective home basketball courts except for the final and possibly the third place play-offs which will be held at the covered hall, Tripureshwore.

ANK Kirtipur Basketball Team (KBT)Naya Bazaar, Kirtipur
Bishal Milan Kendra (BMK)Bishal Milan Kendra, Bishal Nagar
Goldengate Int'l College (GIC)Goldengate Int'l College, Battisputali
Golfutar Youth Club (GYC)Golfutar Youth Club, Golfutar
Himalayan Hounds (HIH)Shankar Dev Campus, Adwet Marg, Putalisadak
Nepal Army Club (NAC)Nepal Army Barrack, Bhadrakali
South Siders (SSBC)St. Xavier's College, Maitighar
Xavier Int'l College (XIC)Xavier Int'l College, Kalopul
Note: Not all abbreviations used in this table are official.

Player registration

Player registration is yet to take place. There is no specific deadline set for player registration at the moment. We are told that teams will have to register players within one week after they receive the registration form.

NLBL information portal

PDCN duo, Thapa and Karki also told us that PDCN will add a portal on their website in order to share information regarding the National-Level Basketball League including live match updates with stats.

New ideas and Issues

They told Arko Network that they have set up a facebook messenger group with representatives from each of the participating teams where they can come up with new ideas, raise issues and debate about it.

Willing to work with anyone

They have also told us that in order to make the National-Level Basketball League a success, they are willing to work with anyone.

“Anyone can come to volunteer”, Thapa said. “If they do well, if they fit the bill, we are happy to give them a role even in our organisation (PDCN)”.

Agreement signed with referees

PDCN president, Thapa, told us that they have reached agreement with the referees.

Orientation for volunteer statistician

Thapa told us that they have held talks with men’s national team head coach, Dinesh Nakarmi, who had told them of how FIBA software could help them collect match stats. They’ve told us that coach Nakarmi is willing to provide orientation classes to any volunteer who wishes to learn how to collect stats.

More information regarding the National-Level Basketball League will be updated as we learn more.

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