Kwik’s Basketball League 2018 Pre-season friendlies on 8th, 9th February


Pre-season friendly matches meant to serve as trial for the upcoming men’s basketball league “Kwik’s Basketball League 2018” announced.

League organisers, Play for Deprived Children Nepal (PDCN), made the announcement through a facebook note today.

The facebook note reads, “There will be the trial match on 8th February (Thursday) and 9th February (Friday) to avoid any mismanagement during the game.”

“We like to use this opportunity to identify any unforeseen errors that might happen during the real game”, it adds.

It is mandatory for Kwik’s Basketball League 2018 participants, according to the note.

All of the friendly matches will take place in Bhaktapur district. The venue for the friendly matches has been chosen strategically as PDCN aims to decentralize basketball in the long run. PDCN president, Namit Thapa, said that it was also the sponsors’ wish to see it outside Kathmandu district where all eight league venues are located.

The organisers have made transport arrangement from Dashrath Rangashala to the venue. The bus, meant primarily for the participating teams, leaves at 11:00am. However, Thapa said that if there is space left, limited number of fans may be able to hitch a ride. For most fans they will have to make their own transport arrangements.

Friendly fixtures:

February 08, 2018
Game 1: Army Vs Goldengate at 12:00 PM
Game 2: BMK Vs Galfutar at 2:00 PM

February 09, 2018
Game 1: Himalayan Hounds  Vs South Siders at 12:00 PM
Game 2: Kirtipur Vs Xavier at 2:00 PM

Venue: Chanakya College of Management, Shankhadhar Chowk, Madhyapur Thimi-4, Bhaktapur district.

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