Kwik’s Basketball League 2018 Powered by Rio


National Level Basketball League…Kwik’s Basketball League….what the…?? It’s changed again? Yes, for a fairly good reason.

The upcoming Nepal men’s basketball league which was originally titled the “National Basketball League”, which changed to “National Level Basketball League”, will now be titled the “Kwik’s Basketball League 2018 Powered by Rio”. No it’s not a joke. After all the sponsors do have a say. Sponsors want it that way and the organisers have obliged.

The new name comes after the organisers of the upcoming men’s basketball league secured the sponsorship deals with Kwik’s and Rio.

The organisers, Play For Deprived Children Nepal (PDCN) had told us last week that they had received overwhelming response from potential sponsors. But they were yet to secure the main sponsors. So, despite the rather awkward title, the news is a big boost for the upcoming men’s basketball league which is scheduled to take place from February 17-March 31 this year.

In fact the title “National Level Basketball League” is said to still remain. “It’s just that just that with the sponsors’ brand names added, it was too long. So we made it short”, PDCN President, Namit Thapa, told Arko Network on the phone.

Details of how long the deal is for or what the deal is worth is yet to be disclosed.

Thapa said that they have also secured three co-sponsors which includes ANTA, KTM CTY and Bhairav Village Farm.

ANTA and KTM CTY are clothing stores while the Bhairav Village Farm produces organic food.

Kwik’s, a snacks product and the Rio a fruit juice brand are both subsidiaries of one of the biggest multi-national corporation based in Nepal.

Note: The featured image is just our interpretation of how the logo may look like. The official logo is yet to be released to public.

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