KCM Bash 2017: Times, British, Araniko through to quarter-final


Times Int’l College made it through to the quarter-final of the men’s KCM Basketball Bash 2017 as Group A winners while British College and Araniko College joins them from Group B and C respectively.

Times Int’l College recorded their third win with the defeat of College of Applied Business (CAB) today. British College also enjoyed a relatively easy win against Asian College of Management (ACM) which confirmed their place in the quarter-final.

Saipal Academy who are also in Group B had already qualified for the knockout phage after their win against British College yesterday.

In the final match of the day, Araniko College defeated Xavier Int’l College to book their place in the quarter-final.

British College vs Asian College

Asian College held their own in the first quarter with a good defensive work and occasional fast breaks. But in the subsequent quarters their energy started to diminish. All that meant it was easy picking for the British College big men Jenish Shrestha and Anish Diwakar in offense.

Needless to say British College improved on their scoring in each quarter while their counterpart went downhill since they finished level on points in the first quarter.

Jenish and Anish were just as pivotal in defense….as ACM boys were met with a wall they couldn’t penetrate.

ACM boys, specially Balami, created fair amount of shooting chances from kick-backs but their outside shooting weren’t sharp enough….scoring just two treys in the whole match.

In the end it was a comfortable victory for British College as they book their place in the quarter-final as Group B runner up. Jenish Shrestha went on to contribute 22 individual points for British College.

Final score: British College 61-36 ACM (9-9, 12-07, 17-13, 23-06).

Araniko College vs Xavier Int’l College

Xavier Int’l College men had issues going on the inside. They had the lineup who have displayed great qualities in the past firing from the inside…but in this tournament none of them have looked confident enough to beat their guard. Xavier Int’l team simply don’t look jelled in….there weren’t much in the way of helping each other in offense….things like screening was non existent.

And their attempt from the outside didn’t come to fruition as much like it had in their previous matches.

On the other hand Araniko College largely made up of boys from Kirtipur looked far lively. And their talisman, Nischal Maharjan, was on top of his form….scoring from all ranges. At the post, Anil Shahi did a great job while lanky Depeshwor Shah’s presence was enough to deter the opponents.

However, Araniko only had a slender lead at the end of the first quarter which gave some hope for Xavier Int’l fans. Considering their lineup which had at least two men who has featured in the U-18 internationals…fans weren’t out of place to expect something.

But Xavier Int’l didn’t have much in them to turn the tide as Araniko College went on to do more damage in the subsequent quarters and take the win.

Nischal Maharjan went on to score 23 points for Araniko while Anil Shahi contributed 10 points.

The win guarantees Araniko College a place in the quarter-final with a game in hand.

Final score: Araniko 57-36 Xavier Int’l (16-11, 15-02, 10-09, 26-14).

Result from the early fixture:

Times 80-26 CAB (16-08, 20-09, 27-07, 17-02).
Highest scorer: Biraj Rana – 18 points.