KCM Bash 2017: SANN sets up final against Goldengate


SANN Int’l College made it through to the final of the men’s KCM Basketball Bash 2017 defeating hosts in the semi-final Thursday.

SANN completely dominated the first quarter to open a gap as far as 12 points….ending the quarter 10 points on lead.

Unfortunately for the home fans, SANN were fitter and closed down in defense much faster. While in attack they found enough room to manoeuvre through on the inside. They were certainly shooting better under pressure.

SANN were also clearly the better of the two on rebounds both defensive as well as offensive.

Second half didn’t bring much joy for the home fans either…their team unable to close the gap.

KCM had gained some momentum towards the end of the second quarter with a run of three baskets but the half-time whistle ended that.

KCM men did better in defense after the break and closed the gap a little but with some of their key players starting get in the foul trouble they had to be careful.

There was plenty of chances to turn things around in the fourth quarter though….however, things didn’t workout for the hosts.

Unfortunately, they missed simple shots….usually reliable Gopin Pun guilty of missing several lay-ups at the end of fast breaks.

On the other side, Kewal had a terrific game on the scoring front with 23 individual points while Nikesh Magar also managed to get on the double digit scoreline.

Final score: KCM 46-61 SANN (17-27, 11-12, 11-08, 07-11).

The final of the KCM Basketball Bash is scheduled for May 19, 2017 (Friday). The matches are set to start at 12 noon — unless it rains.

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