KCM Bash 2017: Prime Gorillas triumph at the final


Prime Gorillas bagged their third major title this year with the defeat of Goldengate Int’l College at the final of the women’s KCM Basketball Bash 2017.

Seven times NeBA national champions, Prime College didn’t have the best of starts considering their ever improving performance prior to the final. They looked rather maligned.

Nevertheless, they were only 3 points behind their opponent, Goldengate, at the end of the first quarter. Two treys from Bisnu Magar just about kept them close to their opponent. But the worse was to come as they could not hit a single basket in the second quarter. After missing a few of the outside shots, their confidence took a wrong turn.

On the other hand Goldengate continued to add on the scoreboard. Sadhana Ghising in particular did well on the inside while Muna Maharjan and Bina Nakarmi did the job on the outside.

‘Gorillas woke up’

15 points behind at half-time on a basketball court where it is very difficult to score; and players looking out of sorts it seemed though Prime Gorillas were done for the day…but then came the fight back.

Switch to man to man defense after the half-time break changed things…..kept out Goldengate’s threat on the backboard while forcing turnovers. Run of couple of field goals and the mood in the Gorilla camp started to light up.

Comeback was on! Gorillas finally woke up.

Prime Gorillas closed the gap….Goldengate limited to just one basket in third quarter but the fight wasn’t over as they still trailed by 6 points. Fortunately, their momentum continued to the final quarter.

A three pointer from Srijana Giri and couple of outside shots from Sabita Khadka brought Prime College within a point of Goldengate.

And what followed was an exceptional fighting spirit from Bishnu Magar….going all in possession without a worry for her safety at time…. quality that champions are made of.

Prime Gorillas power forward, Bishnu Magar, dives in for loose ball, Sushila Tamang and Muna Maharjan try to prevent her from winning possession.

Bishnu earned a steal and a basket that gave Gorillas the lead….followed by another steal, although it didn’t result into a field goal she did draw a foul.

And a run of three treys from Srijana and Bisnu took the game beyond Goldengate’s reach.

Bishnu added three more points in the end to finish as highest scorer in the match as Prime College added another trophy to their treasure trove.

Goldengate once again settled for runner up spot, their second time in a row.

However, considering they only assembled the team few days prior to the start of the competition, reaching the final alone was a great achievement.

Final score: Goldengate 31-39 Prime Gorillas (12-09, 12-00, 02-11, 05-19).

Prime Gorillas point guard/shooting guard, Srijana Giri, wins MVP award.

Srijana Giri who had won the rising star of the year accolade at the KCM Bash 2014 went on to do one better… winning this year’s MVP award for her contribution.