KCM Bash 2017: Prime Gorillas, Brooklyn College come away winners


Prime Gorillas and Brooklyn College came out on top in hotly contested matches in the women’s KCM Basketball Bash 2017 on Friday.

Prime College defeated group A leaders, Xavier Int’l College by 2 points while Brooklyn defeated the National Creative Co-educational School (NCCS) by just a point.

Prime Gorillas vs Xavier Int’l

Prime College ladies started rather poorly. They gave away a lot of turnovers in the first quarter, their outside shots didn’t come off and failed to get on the inside just as well.

On the other hand, Xavier Int’l ladies made crisp passing moves that opened up spaces on the inside. When their shot failed, they weren’t the first to get to the rebounds but they didn’t let their opponents hang on to the ball easily.

And the times when Prime Gorillas did manage to keep the ball, they lost is before they could cross the half-way line. Scores at the end of the first quarter reflected the performance as Xavier led 9-2.

Xavier Int’l were still in control as half-time approached but Sabita Khadka was just getting her rhythms as she hit her first trey.

Knowing the contribution Sabita made back at the final match of the recent BMK Cup against Whitehouse ladies…the danger was always there….But Xavier Int’l failed to build much on their lead before half-time.

Come the second, excellent defending by Yanzee who came off the bench ….two more treys from Sabita and another from Srijana Giri and the danger was realised.

The Gorillas closed gap down to just a point at the end of the third quarter…. and the two sides fought neck and neck for the remainder of the match.

Karma Chhutin came of the bench in the fourth quarter to make a lot of difference for Xavier Int’l….but she missed two good opportunities to give her team the edge. Three set plays from inbound passes found her completely unguarded at low post….. She made one basket but the other two didn’t come off.

Sabita Khadka, (right) helping Karma Chhutin, after she suffered dislocated finger.

Karma might still have done something but the youngster (probably the youngest player in the tournament aged 14) was forced out through injury as she suffered dislocated finger.

Xavier Int’l were still on lead with less than two minutes remaining but another three pointer from Srijana Giri (her third) sealed the win for Prime Gorillas. Sabita Khadka finished the match as highest scorer with 12 points.

Final score: Prime 27-25 Xavier Int’l (02-09, 04-05, 13-06, 08-05).

Broklyn vs NCCS

Considering Broklyn ladies team was unheard of, NCCS — the perennial under-achievers — were finally expected to get a good result. But they were in for a surprise…

Broklyn College ladies team, largely made up of former Valley Public School players, gave them a good game right from the start… good enough to beat the team that recently played against senior sides.

NCCS had started brighter of the two….they made fair amount of attempts…one department where they’ve always been found wanting.

However, Broklyn were quick to close down spaces…usually double teaming or triple teaming to make sure NCCS ladies couldn’t get clean shots. And that paid off.

NCCS started on lead but Broklyn were fought well to get on top by the end of the first quarter although by just 3 points.

Both sides kept it tight at the back for the remainder of the match and scores remained neck and neck. In the latter part of the fourth quarter, the difference between the two was just a point and it could’ve gone either way… It just so happens that Broklyn prevailed this time.

Final score: Broklyn 25-24 NCCS (08-05, 05-06, 06-07, 06-06).