KCM Bash 2017: Goldengate top women’s group B, SANN reaches men’s quarter-final


Goldengate Int’l College defeated Brooklyn College to finish top of Group in the women’s KCM Basketball Bash 2017; while SANN College defeated Cosmos College to reach the quarter final of the men’s category.

Goldengate vs Brooklyn

Despite both teams having qualified for the semi-final of the competition, it was hotly contested…..both teams desperate to be the group winners and avoid stronger opponent in the next round.

Brooklyn who have looked more accustomed to shooting from the inside had it difficult with doors shut by Goldengate defense. Laxmi and Tsheering did score one each from the perimetre but that wasn’t much to worry Goldengate. On the other hand, Bina was a constant threat while Sneha and Muna were also on target from the perimetre.

Not much between the two in the first quarter though with both teams missing plenty of shots. However, Goldengate fared better in the second quarter to establish a 7 point lead before the half-time break.

Come the third quarter, Brooklyn improved a great deal to close the gap. But once Brooklyn’s taller and two of the better performing players — Pratikchya Magar and Rashmi Shrestha — were in foul trouble the match once again swung in Goldengate’s favour. By the end of the quarter, Goldengate was back in to protect their lead.

Goldengate went on to add further in their lead in the final quarter to take the win.

Goldengate point guard, Muna Maharjan, was in her best form creating massive problems for the opponent with her drive down the lane. She made enough basket to finish in the double digit scoreline. And when she didn’t have shooting opportunity her kick back almost always found some one around the perimetre unguarded….players such as Bina and Sneha.

Bina didn’t have one of her best days but the sheer number of attempts meant she still contributed two treys and Sneha went on to finish joint highest scorer with 10 points in the bag…other one being Muna.

Full score: Brooklyn 26-35 Goldengate (04-06, 05-10, 13-11, 04-08).

Goldengate will face Xavier Int’l in the semi-final of the women’s KCM Basketball Bash 2017, while Brooklyn will play the Group A winners, Prime College.

Schedule for the women’s semi-final is yet to be announced.

In the earlier fixture of the day, SANN defeated Cosmos to reach the quarter-final of the men’s KCM Basketball Bash 2017 as Group C runner up.

In the other fixture, Goldengate were awarded 20-0 win after Little Angel’s walkover.

KCM Basketball Bash 2017 Men’s Quarter-final fixtures:

GGIC vs British – 12pm May 11
Araniko vs Himalaya – 3:00pm May 11
Times vs SAAN (Date/Time yet to be announced)
KCM vs Saipal (Date/Time yet to be announced)

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