KCM Bash 2017: Araniko, Goldengate, Prime Gorillas top their groups


Araniko and Goldegate top their group in the men’s category while Prime Gorillas go through to semis as group A winners in the women’s category of the KCM Basketball Bash 2017.

Araniko continued their winning run with an easy defeat of Cosmos in Group C today. They had already secured the quarter-final place but today’s win means they finish the group phase as group winners.

Another strong side, Goldengate also earned an easy win against Kathmandu University (KU) in Group D….their second win in the competition. Although they have one more match to play in the group phase, their win against the next best team means they will go through to next round as group winners.

In Group A, Himalaya College who had a set back in their first match of the tournament finished their group phase on a high with a heavy defeat over the minnows College of Applied Business (CAB). They go through to next round as group runner up.

And in the women’s category, Prime Gorillas earned a landslide victory over KU. Since they already defeated Xavier Int’l in their first fixture, they go through to semi-final as group A winners.

Standings in the women’s Group B is yet to be decided.

Full Results on Day 8:


Prime 60-04 KU (26-00, 10-00, 16-02, 08-02).
Highest scorer: Sony Lama – 14 points.


Cosmos 34-64 Araniko (03-10, 09-15, 09-20, 13-19).
Highest scorer: Nischal Maharjan – 26 points.

GGIC 79-36 KU (28-06, 13-07, 16-08, 15-22).
Highest scorer: Bikram Dangol – 29 points.

Himalaya 80-23 CAB (22-03, 18-05, 19-11, 21-04).
Highest scorer: Sumanga – 17 points.

Teams through to quarter-final of the men’s competition:

Group A
1. Times Int’l College
2. Himalaya College

Group B
1. Saipal Academy
2. British College

Group C
1. Araniko Colege
2. Still to be decided

Group D

1. Goldengate Int’l College
2. KCM

Teams through to semi-final of the women’s competition:

Group A
1. Prime College
2. Xavier Int’l College

Group B

Goldengate Int’l College and Brooklyn College…. Group league standings yet to be decided.

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