KBL 2018: BMK triumph at Goldengate


Bishal Milan Kendra (BMK) proved they are to be taken seriously at the Kwik’s Basketball League (KBL) 2018 after defeating Goldengate for the second time.

BMK had defeated Goldengate last Tuesday (February 27) at home, probably for the first time in their history, and now they’ve repeated the feat away from home. The win was even more sweet considering this time they got the result over a full strength Goldengate team unlike the last time.

Unfortunately, the hosts weren’t having their best day as far as their shooting was concerned. They missed plenty of shots specially on the outside and BMK defense didn’t make it easy on the inside. Even then, they had plenty to keep the game tied at 20 points each at the end of the first quarter.

Goldengate shooting didn’t improve much in the early part of the second quarter either. While, BMK shooter Bikash Gurung who was already banging in mid-range and long range shots did one better to help his side go 14 points ahead.

But the visitors couldn’t hold on. As the hosts raised their game towards the latter part of the second quarter, momentary lapse of composer that their coach keeps talking about, kicked in. That allowed Goldengate to close the gap. At the end of the second quarter, the 14 point gap was reduced to just 3 points.

Although, Goldengate luck didn’t change much after the half-time break, they kept the visitors close. Goldengate eventually took the lead towards the final minute of the third quarter….veteran Bipendra Maharjan taking the score to 60-59 with a lay-up.

Any hope that the hosts’ experience might just propel them to victory, didn’t come true though, as the two sides fought tooth and nail for the lead….score neck and neck until the final two minutes of the game when finally one emerged as the better of the two. And it was the visitors, BMK.

Score tied at 76 points a piece, BMK guard, Sandesh Tamang and Bikash Gurung added a basket each to go four points clear. With time running out, the hosts tried desperately to get back possession but all that did was widened the gap as BMK boys converted most of the resulting free throws.

Final score: Goldengate 82-88 BMK (Box score)

Bikash Gurung contributed 31 points for BMK as well as getting 11 rebounds, 5 assists, 2 blocks and 1 steal; which got him the Player of the Game prize. BMK centre, Bibek Shrestha also got the double double (14 points, 15 rebounds), while, Sandesh, Prayush and Sudeep were in the double digit scoreline.

Bikash Gurung (left) receives Player of the Game prize from senior referee, Niranjan Satyal.

For the hosts, veteran Bipendra Maharjan scored 27 points but he also had 9 turnovers. And, similar story with Anish who was on the double double (14 points, 17 rebounds) and Rajiv who scored 17 points….too many turnovers.

Goldengate head coach, Bipeen Kapali said, that “drive was difficult in the first quarter” as well as having a bad day with their shooting. And “in the fourth quarter, we had too many turnovers”, he added.

Kapali also said that lack of practice at the home court was to blame for the poor show. Goldengate had been training at the Advance College of Engineering prior to the start of KBL 2018.

Meanwhile, BMK head coach, Abhisekh KC said the team was on high spirit after the win.

“It was a crucial game”, KC said. “But the boys lost composer for a bit and it took us some time to pick up the game again.”

Regarding disagreements with referees, KC said, “there was lack of co-ordination between referees.”

“They should have eye contact with each other or talk to each other when in doubt”, he said. “I didn’t see that.”

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