KBL 2018: Bivek, Bimal double doubles secure 7th win for BMK


Bishal Milan Kendra (BMK) secured their 7th win at the ongoing Kwik’s Basketball League (KBL) 2018 with the defeat of ANK Kirtipur Basketball Team today.

BMK big men Bivek Shrestha and Bimal Jung Karki dominated at the post in the first quarter; while the new member of the team, Shawn Choudhary, delivered the passes. Bivek and Bimal scored 8 points each that helped the hosts take 7 point lead at the end of the first quarter.

Bivek limped off with slight injury in the second quarter that encouraged Kirtipur big man, Sumanga Bogati, for post attempts at the other end. But BMK shooter, Bikash Gurung, was there to make sure the hosts stayed on top. Gurung went on to score two treys and a lay-up in the second quarter.

The visitors, Kirtipur, continued to press after the half-time break but never enough to close the gap. And once Bivek came back on mid-way through the third quarter, it was always going to be difficult. Besides there was always someone else for the hosts, who was willing to step up…such as Sudeep Poudel who took the pressure of BMK’s back in third quarter.

Bivek went on to add another 8 points in the final quarter to keep their distance from Kirtipur and secure their 7th win. This is BMK’s 6th win on the run. Only team to manage a winning run more than that is Army Club who are unbeaten so far.

Final score: BMK 68-57 Kirtipur (Box score)

Bivek Shrestha was awarded the Player of the Game prize for his contributions. This is the third time he has received the prize in the league.

Bivek Shrestha (right) receiving the Player of the Game prize.

After the match, Kiritpur head coach, Rabindra Maharjan said it was a “vital game for us” but we were “physically weaker”.

“They had a good post pressure in the start of the game”, he said adding, “We tried to play one tall man and a pick but it didn’t work for us.”

BMK head coach, Abhisekh KC, said that it was a “crucial win” which takes them back in second spot in the league. He said, “we will try to maintain second position.”

As for today’s performance, he said, “We had excellent ball rotation today.”

Regarding new man, Shawn Choudhury’s performance, KC said that Choudhury added to their inside play. “He fed the ball inside well”, he said. “But he is yet to acclimatize to Kathmandu altitude. He should improve more in the next few matches.”

In the early fixture today, SDC Himalayan Hounds earned their 6th win defeating Xavier Int’l College. This is the second home win for Hounds.

Manish KC got the double double for Hounds while Mabindra Bhandari, Bijay Burja and Saurav Shrestha were in the double digit scoreline. Bijay Burja was awarded the Player of the Game prize for his contribution.

Final score: Hounds 88-57 Xavier Int’l (Box score)