HSSC 2017: Goldengate defeat NBC Kirtipur

Karma Gurung

Goldengate defeated Nayabazaar Club (NBC) Kirtipur on the opening fixture of the first Hari Sharan Smriti Cup (HSSC) Veteran’s Basketball Tournament.

Goldengate had a fine start with Anil Maharjan converting five treys from six attempts in the first quarter. While the local team NBC found it hard to get to the basket in the early stages as they fell 21 points behind.

Goldengate’s fine form with their outside shots continued in the second quarter as they went on to collect 30 points from three pointers alone in the first half.

Come the third quarter, NBC raised their game to close the gap but they were still far short of catching up to Goldengate men. They closed the gap down to 11 points towards the end of the third quarter but that was their best.

Goldengate pressed on in the final quarter to win with a margin of 19 points. Karma Gurung and Anil Maharjan contributed 20 points each for Goldengate while Bipen Maharjan added 16 points.

Final score: NBC 48-67 Goldengate (06-27, 12-13, 20-12, 10-15)

NBC Veteran Basketball Team
NBC Veteran’s Basketball Team

NBC Players: Rabindra Man Maharjan, Sasir Maharjan, Biku Maharjan, Sudhir Marjan, Manoj Maharjan, Kiran Maharjan (c), Raj Kumar Maharjan, Raju Man Singh, Nabin Maharjan, Pahalman Tandulkar, Jagdish Maharjan and Binesh Maharjan.

Goldengate Veteran Basketball Team
Goldengate Veteran’s Basketball Team

Goldengate players: Karma Gurung, Bipendra Maharjan, Anil Maharjan, Shanta Ratna Maharjan, Prashant Tamrakar, Narendra Shrestha, Sailesh Shrestha, Suraj Maskey, Arjun Pradhan, Binod Gurung, Om Ghale and Bipin Kapali.

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