Hosts on poll; Naya Bazaar earn first win


Hosts, Goldengate Club earned their second win at the Goldengate Veterans Basketball Tournament; while Naya Bazaar earns their first.

Goldengate is on poll position to finish the league phase on top with their win against Liverpool; as for Naya Bazaar they sets themselves for a chance to finish second after defeating Arna Warriors. Top two in the league phase will go on to play each other again for the winners trophy in the knock out phase.

Featured match: Goldengate vs Liverpool

In what turned out to be a game at the highest standard in the Nepali basketball veteran’s game, the hosts dominated the first quarter. It seemed as if Goldengate had it in the bag after opening 14 point lead.

However, Liverpool College has some of the tallest players. And once they sorted their defence, the fight back began.

Slowly but surely the Liverpool closed the gap, and in the nick of time just before the final buzzer, Sanjay Prajapati, equalised with a bit of a fluke shot….a hook shot from a distance to take the game into overtime.

With both teams rather worn out by the end of the fourth quarter, it was a matter of test of stamina in the overtime. And as expected, players who have been playing regular basketball were the ones to shine.

Having two players who still play regular basketball, Bipendra and Karma, Goldengate had the upper hand at overtime. Liverpool’s Ajay and Paresh are also yet to retire from regular basketball but only Ajay have been seen playing as much in the recent times.

As soon as Bipendra hit a quick 5 points the momentum was in Goldengate’s favour. Sadly, Liverpool didn’t have much fight left by then. In the end Goldengate took the game by margin of 10 points.

Final score: Goldengate 70-60 Liverpool (20-06, 16-22, 12-13, 08-15, OT:14-04)
Highest scorer: Bipendra Maharjan – 32 points.

The second match of the day, Naya Bazaar vs Arna Warriors didn’t have the same kink of juice but it was just as much entertaining as the first match. While Goldengate vs Liverpool was a tough one for the young referees, this one was filled with light hearted jokes…both audiences and players getting on it…a good laugh for all. At the end of the day, that is what this tournament was aimed at anyhow….to bring back the past basketball players on the court and promote Nepali basketball….mission accomplished.

But every game of basketball has winner and a loser. And on this occasion, Naya Bazaar faired slightly better than Arna Warriors.

Final score: Naya Bazaar 49-39 Arna Warriors (10-09, 10-09, 19-09, 10-12)
Highest scorer: Saran – 11 points.

The win gives Naya Bazaar a chance to fight for second place, at least in theory.

Friday fixtures:

Goldengate vs Naya Bazaar – 2:00 pm

Liverpool vs Arna Warriors – 3:30 pm