HISSAN Basketball 2017: Xavier Int’l girls to face NASA in the final

HISSAN Basketball 2017 Girls NASA Xavier Int'l

Xavier Int’l and NASA girls have booked their place in the final of the HISSAN Basketball 2017 with the defeat of Goldengate and HIMS respectively.

Xavier Int’l girls gave their college basketball another boost after joining the fellow boys in the final. Their previous dominance was back at the St Xavier’s Cup where they went on to win in both categories (boys’ and girls’).

However, this time round it may not be easy as they will meet vastly superior side, NASA, who booked their final berth with a landslide victory over minnows, Himalaya Int’l Model Higher Secondary School (HIMS). These two have already met in the group phases where Xavier Int’l suffered heavy defeat.

Xavier vs Goldengate

Goldengate’s reliance in just one player, Sneha Shrestha, proved their downfall. As expected, Sneha was heavily guarded and without her there was nothing Goldengate could do. Some of the players couldn’t even catch the pass in tight situations let alone attack the basket. Turnovers countless.

As for Xavier Int’l they had good balance of player to mitigate most circumstances (within Nepal girls’ basketball scenario). Karma Sherpa had a good game in the scoring front while Xavier guard, Meena Gurung, was ever so present in all areas of the court — fighting for every ball and controlling the game.

Final score: Xavier 34-08 Goldengate (09-04, 10-00, 11-00, 04-04)
Highest scorer: Karma Chuttin Sherpa – 19 points.


Although HIMS girls displayed some ball handling skills, the game was completely one side. HIMS girls rarely managed to take the ball past their own half.

NASA dominated the game so much that it was safe to say it was done before the end of the first quarter. And had it not for officials cutting the time short (considering the situation), the scores would’ve been far worse for them.

However, credit to HIMS girls for actually sticking around so far. Because some teams simply chose not to turn up after they suffered heavy defeat in their first match.

Final score: NASS 53-07 HIMS
Highest scorer: Bipana Subedi – 26 points.

Girls’ final is scheduled for Friday, February 10, 8:00am.

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