HISSAN Basketball 2017: Xavier Int’l to face CCRC in the final

HISSAN Basketball Xavier Int'l CCRC

Xavier Int’l College and Capital College & Research Centre (CCRC) boys have reached the final of the HISSAN Basketball 2017.

Xavier Int’l defeated Trinity Int’l College in a close battle while CCRC sidelined Rosebud School with relative ease to the book their place in the final.

Xavier vs Trinity

Trinity fought well to stay in the game after falling behind by 7 points in the first quarter. However, they were trailing again after the half-time break.

They did fine in rebounds but didn’t get much luck with their outside shots. There usual top scorer, Sapkota, unfortunately didn’t have a good day. Defense was tight on both sides which goes without saying at this stage of the tournament.

On the other hand, Ajung Rai, was clinical from all ranges when he was afforded the space. He didn’t play for most part of the third quarter (probably due to foul trouble) but unlike in their final match against Prime College at the Gyan Niketan Cup, rest of the teams chipped in quite well to stay a head in the game.

But without a big margin there was always a possibility for Trinity to catch up. They needed just 3 points to level the match with less than a minute remaining but their shooting kept letting them down.

Around 8 seconds prior to the final whistle Ajung had the chance to close the curtains, but he hesitated to shoot at the end of a fast break and that gave Trinity a one last chance to make something happen.

But a time-out later, they were just as ineffective up front. And Sandip Stha wrapped up the game with a simple lay up to make sure Xavier Int’l got their ticket to the final.

Final score: Xavier 46-41 Trinity (14-07, 05-10, 13-08, 14-16)
Highest scorer: Sandip Stha – 16 points.

Rosebud vs CCRC

Rosebud were sadly outplayed by the Bernhardt Cup 2016 champions and last year’s HISSAN Cup finalist right from the start. Rosebud did fine in most areas but lacked the all important shooting that got them this far.

Rosebud top shooter, Alish Bajracharya, had been hitting a lot of jumpers in previous matches. But he was in his worst form today.

Bajracharya made plenty of attempts but couldn’t convert majority of them — success rate well below 15 percent. His team mates were just as ineffective with anything other than layups. Although some of the boys had gathered enough experience after playing in open tournaments on top of the usual college basketball; nerves may have got the better of them.

On the other hand, CCRC big man Manish KC had a great game. He was dominant around the post — in rebounds and specially with the scoring. Rest of the squad had an indifferent game, but with Rosebud hardly proving a threat they might as well have saved their strength for the final.

Final score: Rosebud 51-35 CCRC (10-06, 17-10, 13-12, 11-07)
Highest scorer: Manish KC – 18 points.

Boys’ final is scheduled for Friday, February 10.

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