HISSAN Basketball 2017: Xavier Int’l, Angel’s Heart, CCRC , Herald win

Ajung Rai Xavier Int'l HISSAN Basketball

Xavier Int’l fought off close battle with Times Int’l to record their second win at the HISSAN basketball tournament 2017.

In other matches, Angel’s Heart, Capital College & Research Centre (CCRC) and Herald earned easy wins over Modern (Bkt), Premier and Whitefield respectively.

Meanwhile in the girls’ category, NASA defeated Herald.

Times Int’l vs Xavier Int’l

Although it came to a close battle towards the end, it was anything but close to start with. Xavier Int’l boys were nimble an very quick to get the ball forward . In defense, they forced turnovers, one after another and the resulting fast break proved devastating for Times Int’l.

On the other hand, Times were very slow to get the ball forward. By the time their guard crossed the halfway line Xavier Int’l defense was all organised. Even then there was plenty of space to play with but lacked a good vision.

Xavier Int’l were 10 points up by the end of the first quarter and improved on their scoring in the second quarter.
However, Times Int’l made steady headway although they still looked slow. Most of the points coming from their centre, Aakash Nakarmi.

Come the second half, Times boys finally outscored their opponent but only just. They were still slow on things.
More improvements in the fourth quarter saw Times boys close the gap down to just 5 points (59-54) with about a minute remaining on the clock and seemed to be on their way to a good comeback.

But it wasn’t their day… Xavier Int’l held on to record their second win in the tournament.

Although in form Aakash Nakarmi hit 44 points and Bibek Nerula got on the double digit scoreline for Times Int’l, the damage was done in the first quarter. And Times Int’l couldn’t really make up for it.

For the winners, Ajung Rai contributed 28 points.

Full Results:

Times Int’l 62-69 Xavier Int’l (04-14, 15-17, 20-18, 23-20)
Highest scorer: Aakash Nakarmi – 44 points (Times) / Ajung Rai – 28 points (Xavier)

Whitefield 11-35 Herald (05-09, 00-09, 01-09, 05-08)
Highest scorer: Devraj Ale Magar – 16 points

Angel’s Heart 58-07 Modern Bhaktapur (15-00, 19-02, 11-00, 13-05)
Highest scorer: Prabin Magar – 14 points.

Premier 09-55 CCRC (05-07, 03-22, 01-10, 00-16)
Highest scorer: Anup Basnet – 16 points

Girls’ result

Herald 10-41 NASA (02-04, 00-07, 08-16, 00-14)
Highest scorer: Anisha Basnet – 20 points.