HISSAN Basketball 2017: Trinity, Rosebud, Little Angel’s win

Saroj Sapkota Trinity College Basketball

Trinity Int’l College, Rosebud and Little Angel’s boys earned easy wins on day 3 of the basketball tournament under HISSAN Sports Week 2017.

Trinity and Rosebud defeated their opponents without much sweat to record their second wins in the tournament while Little Angel’s outclassed Kathmandu Model College (KMC) to earn their first win.

In other matches on day 3, Einstein defeated Nepal Mega, while HIMS were given the win after Caspian Valley walkover. In the girls’ category, HIMS defeated Nepal Mega.

Trinity vs Chanakya

Trinity, one of the top higher secondary school teams in the country against a team without any signs of proper coaching; it was a complete mismatch of strength. And there was no surprises when Trinity boys played them like kids, there was no contest.

Off course it gave Trinity boys the opportunity for some highlight plays… which didn’t quite come off a lot of the times.

They were a bit rusty… as has been pretty much all the teams. Apparently they haven’t had much preparation for this tournament. We’ve been told that most teams were only informed of their participation just a few days prior to the start of the tournament.

It certainly gave Chanakya boys the chance to go home with a respectable scoreline though.

Final score: Chanakya 29-61 Trinity (06-21, 13-11, 08-17, 02-12)
Highest scorer: Shrawal Lama – 18 points.

Little Angel’s vs KMC

KMC had the physical presence to give Little Angel’s a good game but they were technically far behind. KMC unfortunately, didn’t show much of concept of defensive organisation nor the attacking. They did what they could at the back of their individual strengths, which sadly wasn’t enough to trouble Little Angel’s boys.

Final score: Little Angel’s 49-25 KMC (12-08, 14-03, 10-07, 13-07)
Highest scorer: Tsering Sherpa – 11 points.

Other results:

Rosebud 63-22 Greenfield (15-02, 14-02, 13-02, 21-09)
Highest scorer: Abhishek Maharjan – 14 points.

Einstein 43-31 Nepal Mega (08-07, 10-11, 14-13, 11-10)
Highest scorer: Raj Daniel – 15 points.

HIMS 20-00 Caspian (Walkover)

HIMS 12-02 Nepal Mega (Girls’)