HISSAN Basketball 2017: Goldengate, Little Angel’s earn their second wins

Shirshak Shrestha HISSAN

Goldengate Int’l College and Little Angel’s boys recorded their second wins in the ongoing HISSAN Basketball tournament.

Goldengate defeated Global College of Management with ease while Little Angel’s fought well in the final quarter to just edge Whitehouse College.

In other matches in the boys’ category on day 5, HIMS defeated Manakamana.

In the girls’ category Goldengate, CCRC and Xavier Int’l came out winners against HIMS, Nepal Mega and Little Angels respectively.

Goldengate vs Global

Global College boys displayed good fight in the first quarter. They had quick passing and didn’t waste much time in with shot attempts… but only the outside shots.

On the other side, Goldengate dominated on the rebounds and on the scoreboards, but shooting accuracy could’ve been better… by their own standards.

Come second quarter, Goldengate shooting improved and started pulling away further and further.

By third quarter the match was done and dusted….. no way back for Global College. It was bad enough they couldn’t get past Goldengate defense, but numerous unforced errors — mainly travel violations — made things worse.

Fourth quarter was merely a formality for Goldengate, playing at home court.

Today’s win takes Goldengate boys to the knockout stage of the tournament. Other teams to confirm their place in the pre-quarter-finals so far include, Angel’s Heart, HIMS, Morgan, CCRC, Trnity, Xavier Int’l and Little Angel’s.
Full Results:

Goldengate 66-34 Global (13-08, 20-13, 18-07, 07-06)
Highest scorer: Shirshak Shrestha – 13 points.

Whitehouse 21-27 Little Angel’s (04-06, 09-07, 04-03, 04-11)
Highest scorer: Prabin Magar – 9 points.

Manakamana 26-35 HIMS (00-08, 07-07, 07-15, 12-05)
Highest scorer: Pasang Nuru Sherpa – 22 points.

Girls’ Category

Xavier Int’l 36-06 Little Angel’s (08-00, 14-02, 08-00, 06-04)
Highest scorer: Mina Gurung – 8 points.

Nepal Mega 11-30 CCRC (02-08, 00-10, 04-05, 05-07)
Highest scorer: Priyanka – 11 points.

Goldengate 24-04 HIMS (04-01, 09-02, 08-00, 03-01)
Highest scorer: Sneha Shrestha – 14 points.