HISSAN Basketball 2017: Rosebud sets up semi-final against CCRC; Xavier Int’l to face Trinity

HISSAN Basketball 2017 Quarter-final

Rosebud, Capital College and Research Centre (CCRC), Xavier Int’l and Trinity Int’l College have reached the semi-final of the ongoing HISSAN Basketball 2017.

Rosebud and Trinity earned routine wins against relatively weaker teams Einstein and Little Angles respectively while CCRC sidelined Times Int’l with quite a margin to reach the semis. As for Xavier Int’l, they made it a double over Morgan Int’l in less than a month. Their previous win over Morgan was at the recent Gyan Niketan Cup.

Times vs CCRC

Based on the quarter and a half played yesterday before it was postponed due to external infringement, it was expected to be a close battle.

But Times College were without their head coach, Sadhish Pradhan, on the bench due to other responsibilities. And that seemed to have an impact.

Times were left chasing the game from the first quarter never to catch up. If anything, the gap became bigger and bigger. Come the final quarter, Times were in disarray, helping CCRC to runaway with the points and the win.

Trinity vs Little Angels

Little Angels did rather well to get this far but coming up against the Bernhardt Cup 2016 finalist was always going to be difficult.

Little Angels boys did put on a show in the first quarter to establish a surprise lead though. It wasn’t simply Trinity playing badly either…they actually had something good going their way. Prabin Magar and Bigyan Tandulkar were a real threat on the outside and Soywang Limbu chipped in on the inside.

However, all that faded dramatically in the second quarter. Little Angels couldn’t post a single point while Trinity boys amassed 24 points. For some reason their confidence went downhill. In defense they were fine but in offense they lacked the individual tenacity to go all the way and shoot. Time and again they drove into the paint but chose to kick back despite having plenty of space to take the shot.

With that form there was no way for Little Angles to get back in the game. Even on a good day, Little Angels wouldn’t have had a chance to catch up with Trinity boys once they were ahead.

Rosebud vs Einstein

Rosebud were the favorites and they didn’t dissapoint with the result but the match itself was rather scrappy — as has been in most of the matches in this tournament so far. Rosebud led by 6 points in the first quarter and they steadily built up on it in the subsequent quarters.

Einstein supporters were back in — only team to have any sort of followers — but their constant cheers wasn’t enough to take them to the semis. Einstein with rather unexperienced bunch never looked like turning the game around although, Rosebud weren’t at their best.

Morgan vs Xavier Int’l

It was obvious to expect a good fight from Morgan after the humiliating defeat in their previous meeting with Xavier Int’l but it wasn’t good enough.

There was plenty of pace but the mistakes were plenty as well. Scorching mid-day heat from the sun and the slippery surface (it’s lucky no one has suffered major injuries so far) was some of the contributing factors. Having said that both teams looked in need of a mood lift in the game despite reaching this far.

Morgan did take the lead in the first quarter but there was no evidence of them taking it further. And soon enough they fell behind.

By the end of the third quarter, Xavier Int’l were in front by 13 points. Morgan showed some urgency in the final quarter…. their spirits were up a bit but it was too little too late. They came within 5 points of levelling the game but Xavier held on to take the win.

Quarter-final scores:

Times 34-60 CCRC (08-12, 11-13, 08-13, 07-22)
Highest scorer: Ashish Basnet – 15 points.

Trinity 55-25 Little Angels (08-10, 24-00, 17-04, 06-11)
Highest scorer: Saroj Sapkota – 16 points.

Rosebud 41-25 Einstein (14-08, 11-09, 06-04, 10-04)
Highest scorer: Alish Bajracharya – 15 points.

Morgan 27-34 Xavier Int’l (07-04, 04-12, 03-11, 13-07)
Highest scorer: Ajung Rai – 15 points.

Both the boys’ and girls’ semi-finals are scheduled for Thursday, February 09 — to be played at the Hrit Academy, Basundhara.

Boys’ semi-final fixtures:

Xavier Int’l vs Trinity ~ 8:00 am
CCRC vs Rosebud ~ 9:00 am

Girls’ semi-final fixtures:

Goldengate vs Xavier Int’l ~ 10:00 am
NASA vs HIMS ~ 11:00 am

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