BOOM Women’s Basketball League 2018 date announced


The second edition of BOOM Women’s Basketball League is set to start on the 20th of January (Nepali month Marg 06), one of the organisers said.

So far there are only two teams who are certain to take part in the competition, the hosts NCCS and the defending champions, Prime Gorillas.

Some of the regular women’s teams have expressed, in an informal talks, that their schools/colleges might not allow them to compete in more than one competition organised by the same organisation or at the same venue. Winter Women’s Basketball was organised by NCCS at Bishal Milan Kendra (BMK) back in December last year.

We were told during the Winter Women’s Basketball League that there may also be a participation of a team either from outside the Capital or even from abroad (north-eastern India). However, there have not been any announcements in that regard.

National team players being allowed to play in the BOOM League also seems a distant dream. Even teams who have national team players in their roster seems to suggest it is impossible citing various reasons most of which don’t make much sense. As for lesser teams, it seems they may not be able to attract national team players to play for them.

There is also no confirmation of cash prize, which may tempt more teams.

BOOM Women’s Basketball League is a co-ordinated effort between NCCS and Bishal Milan Kendra (BMK).

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