BMK players yet to receive their allowance from NSC Championships


NSC National Championships Basketball men’s 2nd runner-up, BMK players who represented the Nepal Police Club at the recent championships, are yet to receive their allowance.

It was bad enough they weren’t allowed to participate representing their own club which would have given them a lot of publicity; but to be denied their allowance that comes from government funds is a kick in the teeth.

We have learned that players from outside the capital were handed allowance of Rs 1,200 per player per day for their participation at the recent National Championships Basketball event held by the Nepal Sports Council (NSC). Teams based in Kathmandu are said to have received Rs 500 per player per day. Which means BMK players were supposed have received the same amount of Rs 30,000 in total.

But BMK sports co-ordinator Pranish Jung Shah said, “we are still waiting for our allowance.”

In addition, “we didn’t get basketball uniforms and track suits that other teams were given”, he said. “We had to by our own jersey and shorts.”

It is not clear whether NSC or the basketball governing body Nepal Basketball Association (NeBA) is responsible for the allowance payment.

We also heard at the recent BOOM League that players who represented Mid-Western region in the women’s category did not receive all of their allowances. It has been quite sometime since the BOOM League. So the situation may or may not be the same.

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