BMK Cup 2017: Navy, Army collect another win

Bangladesh Navy and Tribhuvan Army Club added another win their BMK Cup 2017 campaign with the defeat of BMK and Innovative Baneshwore respectively.

Following a tough fixture yesterday, it was a relief for both the Navy and the Army teams as they played two of the weakest teams in the tournament. Add to that neither put a lot of resistance.

BMK vs Bangladesh Navy

Both side tested each other’s resolve when they met the first time on the opening day of the tournament. Both new where they stood; so there wasn’t much to prove.

Needless to say they took it easy, specially Bangladesh Navy.

The highlight of the game was probably when BMK centre Ajay Kushwaha got a block on the Navy shooter Mithun Kumar in the third quarter. That prompted a huge cheer from what little fans there were and a joke from Mithun, that got everybody laughing.

In the end it was an easy win for the league leaders. Bangladesh Navy did just enough to make sure there were no surprises from their opponent but at the same time not tire out themselves. Wise move as they’ll be facing South Siders tomorrow which is sure to be a tough match.

Mithun Kumar as usual went on to score the highest for Navy team with 24 points closely followed by Masud who contributed 23 points.

Final score: BMK 42-73 Bangladesh Navy (13-14, 09-16, 14-22, 06-21)

Tribhuvan Army Club vs Innovative Baneshwore

Just as in the earlier fixture between Navy and BMK, both sides took it easy. Innovative didn’t even have all of their players present at the match. And the fact that their coach, Subash Darshan, was in the starting line up was enough to see where the match was going.

However, Army toyed around with their opponents a bit… letting Innovative get rather close to them a few times….too close for comfort.

Innovative were just 3 points behind (68-65) few minutes before the final whistle which prompted reaction from the Army men. And they did, quickly building up some margin as they secured their fourth win.

Rabin Khatri was back in as highest scorer in the match with 23 points; while Saurav Shrestha scored 22 points.

Final score: Army 85-72 Innovative (22-17, 16-10, 22-26, 25-20).

Army will face the home side in the early fixture tomorrow at 9am.