Bangladesh Navy win BMK Cup 2017 men’s basketball title

Bangladesh Navy win BMK Men's Basketball Tournament

Bangladesh Navy won the BMK Cup 2017 men’s basketball title despite losing to Tribhuvan Army Club at overtime in the finale.

Writings were on the wall with Bangladesh Navy having already beat their close contender while clearly dominating over other teams in the competition. But Army weren’t going hand them the title that easy.

Navy had secured 7 wins while Tribhuvan Army Club had 6 wins under their belt which meant the Navy men needed either to win or not lose by more than 9 points of margin against the Army in their second meeting to lift the title.

There was some drama after the match was tied at 79 points a piece at the end of the regulation time. Dispute arose on whether they had to play overtime to conclude a winner of the match. And the officials ruled on playing the overtime.

The match followed similar path as the one where these two met earlier with Bangladesh Navy leading at the end of the first quarter and the Army trying to catch up. Only this time the margin was a lot less.

Navy men maintained their lead of 10 points right through till third quarter. But Army closed in on the Navy in the final quarter.

Just as the Army did in their previous meeting, they put on their best fight towards the end and went on to finish the match level on points.

Then came the drama.

Bangladesh Navy celebrate
Bangladesh Navy celebrate at the end of regulation time.

As soon as the officials blew the whistle at the end of regulation time, Bangladesh Navy jumped out to celebrate who were greeted with disbelief from their opponents.

Bangladeshi Navy thought the match was over. They thought they had won the title on score difference. This is true under FIBA Europe rules (possibly in other FIBA association rules) which states that in the event that the result is tied in the second leg of two legged match and that one of the teams won in the first leg, overtime is not necessary.

However the Army disputed. Following some heated debate, the match officials ruled in favour of playing the overtime.

Tribhuvan Army Club BMK
Tribhuvan Army Club players argue for overtime play.

By this time some of the starters from both sides were forced out after committing five fouls and more had to leave the court as the overtime play progressed. While one or two players were forced out through injury such as Binod Maharjan who suffered cramp.

The entire overtime play was rather rough and physical and clean shots were hard to come by…. some incidents nearly boiled over. Neither team managed to gain clear dominance.

The Army just about managed to win the match in the end with a margin of 3 points. However it was not enough to deny Navy the BMK Cup 2017 title.

Mithun Kumar Biswas
Navy shooter, Mithun Kumar Biswas, posing for a photo after collecting the MVP award.

Regardless of whether the overtime play was necessary or not, the Navy go home with the winners trophy. In the brightside, the Navy team got to celebrate the title win twice after having already celebrated once at the end of regulation time.

Navy shooter, Mithun Kumar Biswas, received the MVP award. Mithun managed to finish as the highest scorer in all of the Navy matches.

Full score: Navy 84-87 Army (21-11, 20-18, 19-19, 19-31, ot: 05-08)