Angel’s Heart U-18 Basketball Tournament: who’s through to boys’ QF?


The group stage of the boys’ category in the first Angel’s Heart School/College U-18 Basketball Tournament concluded today with the hosts and NeBA ‘A’ booking their place in the quarter-finals.

Who else are through to quarter-finals?

Group A

Jubilant College finished as group winners with three wins out of three while NeBA ‘A’ went through as runner-up after defeating Trinity College today.

Trinity and Gyan Niketan are out of the competition. Trinity finished third with one win while Gyan Niketan were rock bottom without a single win to their name.

Group A Results:
NeBA ‘A’ 57-39 Trinity
G Niketan 36-76 Trinity
Trinity 28-43 Jubilant
G Niketan 39-76 NeBA ‘A’
G Niketan 48-67 Jubilant
NeBA ‘A’ 55-57 Jubilant

Group B

White House college were out of the competition within the first three days of the tournament losing all three matches. And the other three — Angel’s Heart, Times College and CCRC — ended up in a three way tie.

Times beat Angel’s Heart and CCRC earned a narrow win against Times. So, it was between CCRC and Angle’s Heart to play for the decider. Angel’s Heart needed to win by at least 14 points to advance through to quarter-final; where as CCRC could’ve lost and still made it as long as they didn’t lose be 14 or more points. On the final day of the group stage, Angel’s Heart got the result they needed beating CCRC by exactly 14 points.

As for Times College, they had already qualified despite the possible three way tie…because it was mathematically impossible for both CCRC and Angel’s heart to attain better head to head score difference than the +20 points that Times College had.

Today’s result means, Times College finished as group winners while the hosts, Angel’s Heart, goes through to quarter-final as runner-up.

Group B Results:
CCRC 29-43 Angel’s Heart
CCRC 47-44 Times
WhiteHouse 44-63 CCRC
Angel’s Heart 33-56 Times
WhiteHouse 30-58 Times
Angel’s Heart 53-33 WhiteHouse

Group C

Just the three teams in Group C. Prime College won both of their matches to qualify to the quarter-finals as group winners, while Liverpool College joined them as runner-up with one win. Rising Star had nothing to show for as they crashed out without a win.

Group C Results:
Liverpool 49-39 R Star
Prime 45-19 Rising Star
Prime 54-48 Liverpool

Group D

Another group with three teams — NeBA ‘B’, Xavier Int’l and Morgan Int’l. Xavier Int’l finished as group winners with two wins, while NeBA ‘B’ booked their place in the quarter-finals as group runner-up. Morgan exited the competition without a win.

Group D Results:
NeBA ‘B’ 49-47 Morgan
Xavier Int’l 51-42 Morgan
Xavier Int’l 53-42 NeBA ‘B’

All four quarter-final matches are scheduled for July 18, Tuesday.

Angel’s Heart U-18 Basketball Tournament Quarter-final fixtures:
Jubilant vs Liverpool – 8:00am
Times vs NeBA ‘B’ – 10:00am
Prime vs NeBA ‘A’ – 12:00pm
Xavier Int’l vs Angel’s Heart – 2:00 pm