Ajay Manandhar lands big job at Army Club


Former Nepal International, Ajay Manandhar, has earned the call for the post of head coach at Tribhuvan Army Club basketball team.

Manandhar who is still playing at the Army basketball team is said to continue playing as well as coaching.

Exact length or the terms of the contract is not known yet but the deal is said to be verbally sealed. He is set to start is new job as early as the upcoming National Games which starts in about a fort-night Sunday, January 07, 2018.

Manandhar’s big chance comes after many years of coaching at various schools and college in Kathmandu. He took up his first job at the Baba Boarding School almost two decades ago. He has also been a longtime basketball coach at Shridiwa Int’l School, Ullens College, Islington College and Elites Co-ed School.

Among players he has developed includes, Sabita Khadka, who has gone on to win the Women’s NeBA National Championships, BMK Cup and BOOM Women’s League with Prime Gorillas. She also won the MVP award at the BOOM Women’s League.