Number of bodies found in Venezuelan prison rises to 15

CARACAS (Xinhua) – The number of bodies found inside a violence-hit prison in Venezuela has risen to 15, authorities announced Saturday.

The country’s attorney-general said in a statement that investigations had found “the remains of 15 people so far” inside the General Penitentiary of Venezuela (PGV), located in the town of San Juan de los Morros in the northern state of Guarico.

In late October, the Venezuelan government announced all the 9,000 prisoners in the PGV would be removed, after weeks of fighting for control of the prison and a reported lack of food and medicine.

“However, the search for other remains is continuing around the initial find, which happened on March 9,” the statement continued.

A team of 20 specialists has searched the PGV and the statement said the search was focused on the “identification and classification of skulls, vertebrae and other remains…to determine to whom each bone belongs.”

“A total of 12 bodies were found with their respective skulls, and the remains of three other people, whose skulls have not been found, make 15 victims found so far,” the statement specified.