Scars left by the quake; no sign of recovery from mental trauma

Quake survivor mental trauma

The major earthquake of April 25, 2015 had caused so much distress on a six year old girl of Salyantar VDC-7, Dhading that she has been tied up ever since.

Lack of treatment for Bandana Kumal has worsened her situation further, said Bandana’s grandmother Dhan Kumari.

All the Kumal family members had gone to a nearby health institution when the quake struck. “After the temblor, we hurried to the house only to find it crumbled down. Houses surrounding ours were also destroyed in the quake,” said Dhan Kumari.

In the initial days following the quake, the family members took a refuge in a tent in front of their damaged house. “Since the quake, my granddaughter (Bandana) started showing unusual behaviours like gazing into the sky,” Dhan Kumari said.

Before the disaster, she was as any kid her age; she would go to school and carry out her routine activities, she said. “Now she cannot speak properly, and defecates in the confinement itself.”

With hope for the treatment for Bandana, the impoverished daily wager Kumal family previously took her to various hospitals, but to no avail. The family has spent all they had in her treatment.

“Now we are wondering how to pay back the debt taken for her treatment,” said Bandana’s mother Kamala. RSS