Rukum police destroy illegal opium plants

The Rukum District Police Office has destroyed opium plants cultivated in different parts of the district amid non-cooperation from locals.

The district police said that it had mobilised 135 personnel to destroy an illegal opium farming conducted on a large scale at different places including Gotamkot, Syalakhadi, Aathbiskot, Magma, Banfikot, Syalapakha, Jang, Siden and Hukam.

Rukum police destroyed opium plants cultivated on around 70 bigha (approximately 93,000 square metres) of land. And more illegal opium farms are said to exist in the district.

“We have also received information that opium poppies are being cultivated in other areas”, Chief Deputy Superintendent of Police Angur GC said. “We are planning to get to those places and take action.”

However, no individual has been arrested in connection to this and the police complained of non-cooperation from locals in its move to crack down on illegal opium cultivation.

Police personnel deployed to destroy the plants were denied even a glass of water by locals, said one police officer. RSS