NTV begins regular service from Kohalpur


Nepal Television (NTV) has started regular broadcasting from Kohalpur Transmission Centre from Friday.

Minister for Information and Communications Surendra Kumar Karki marked the beginning of the NTV regular broadcast from Kohalpur amidst a function.

On the occasion, Minister Karki said that the NTV should run programmes against ill-practices of the society and focus on society’s positive aspects without going for competition with the private television channels.

“You (NTV) broadcast the news against Chhaupadi regularly for 20 days. Private TV stations couldn’t run that and they will be closed in two months if they run such programmes,” Karki added.

So, the NTV should run the programmes that the private channels cannot do, Karki added.

On the occasion, General Manager of NTV Govinda Roka said that he was delighted to resume the Kohalpur Transmission Centre of NTV after the interval of 12 years. RSS