‘No objection letter’ rule for Nepali travelers via India, Sri Lanka explained


Nepalis travelling to third countries via India and Sri Lanka air transits should not have to show ‘no objection letter’ issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

However, the Nepali citizens flying to third countries directly through airports of these two countries without using them as transit need to show the ‘no objection letter’ said Director General of the Department of Immigration, Gangaram Gelal.

Earlier on Thursday, a meeting of the government mechanism had decided to send a letter to Foreign Ministry for the effective implementation of the provision.

The decision was taken in the context when the trend of leaving Nepali people stranded in different countries and trafficking of women in Gulf countries via India and Sri Lanka routes has increased of late.

Gelal said the decision had imparted a wrong message that the Nepalis travelling to other countries via the airports of India and Sri Lanka as transit also should show ‘no objection letter’ but it was not the point in reality.

The meeting also decided to have an agreement with India to form a mechanism to rescue the Nepali people stranded in India without any further delay. RSS