Local election update: Vote count restarts in Pokhara-Lekhnath Metropolis


Nepal held the local election for the first time in nearly two decades on May 14. Find out who are elected from the phase I of the election as the vote count results are announced.

May 22, 2017

Vote count restarts in Pokhara-Lekhnath Metropolis

Vote count of the Pokhara-Lekhanath Metropolitan City that remained halted since last Saturday following a dispute over the size of the Swastik stamp put on some ballot papers, has resumed from this afternoon.

However, the count of ballots dropped at the ward number 17 has remained stalled, Regional Election Officer Gangalal Subedi said.

An-all party meeting held this morning decided to resume the vote count of ward numbers 16, 18 and 19 except the 17.

The meeting also agreed to restart the count of ballots gathered from this ward after the Office of Chief Election Officer furnished further documents regarding the use of a bigger Swastik stamp in the election. RSS

Chitwan: UML wins Mayor and Deputy Mayor Posts in Khairahani Municipality

Lalmani Chaudhary of CPN (UML) has been elected to the post of Mayor of Khairahani Municipality in the district.

He received 10,717 votes while his nearest rival Rajendra Chaudhary of Nepali Congress got 9,733 votes.

Similarly, Sunita Thapa Kharel of UML won the post of Deputy Mayor with 10,451 votes while her closest contender Sushila Devi Upreti received 9,888 votes.

Likewise, UML candidates have won in Ward No. 1, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 while NC candidates in Ward No. 2, 3, 4, 12 and 13. RSS

Bhaktapur: UML wins mayor, NC clinches deputy-mayor in Madhyapur Thimi

CPN (UML)’s candidate Madan Sundar Shrestha has been elected the mayor of Madhyapur Thimi Municipality in Bhaktapur. Read more……


Humla: NC candidate wins in Kharpunath

Nepali Congress candidate has been elected the head of the Kharpunath Rural Municipality.

NC’s Karna Bahadur Rawat won the local level poll with 1,110 votes under his belt while his closest contender Ganesh Rawal from CPN (Maoist Centre) garnered 533 votes.

NC’s Sindu Hamal has been elected the vice chairperson of the rural municipality with 1018 votes. RSS

Sindhupalchowk: NC candidate elected in Indravati Rural Municipality

Nepali Congress candidate has been elected the chairperson of the Indravati Rural Municipality here in Sindhupalchowk district.

Bansalal Tamang mustered 5,365 votes against CPN (UML) candidate, Jhamka Nepal’s 5,165 votes to win the election.

In the post of Vice Chairperson, NC’s Mira Adhikari Lama has been elected with 5,191 votes. Her closest contestant Saraswoti Adhikari from UML received 5,079 votes. RSS

May 21, 2017

UML wins in Kalikot’s Kalika Rural Municipality

Khadananda Chaulagain of CPN (UML) has been elected the Chairman of Kalika Rural Municipality in Kalikot by securing 2,274 votes.

Chaulagain’s closest rival Govinda Acharya of CPN (Maoist Centre) got 1512 votes.

Pampha Devi Shahi of UML won the election for the post of the Vice-Chair in the rural municipality.

Of the nine wards in the rural municipality, CPN (UML) has won in five wards while Nepali Congress and Maoist Centre won in two each.

Meanwhile, the election postponed in the Serapata Polling Centre of Nandadevi Secondary School in Naraharinath Rural Municipality was held Sunday. RSS

Kathmandu: NC wins at Ward No 26 of Kathmandu Metropolis

Nepali Congress candidate Khem Raj Tiwari has been elected Chairman of Kathmandu Metropolis Ward No 26, garnering 2,097 votes.

His nearest rival Rabindra Rimal from the CPN-UML got 1873 votes. Similarly, Tirtharatri Dangol and Krishna Rajan have become members from open category, while Shanta Gautam member from open woman category, and Nirmala Bogati the Dalit member, said assistant election officer, Prem Poudel. All four members belong to UML. RSS

UML wins Mayor and Deputy Mayor Posts in Dhulikhel Municipality

Ashok Byanju of CPN (UML) has been elected to the post of Mayor of Dhulikhel Municipality in Kavre district.

He received 7,981 votes while his nearest rival Ramesh Prasad Humagain of Nepali Congress got 5,408 votes.

Similarly, Bimala Kumari Chaulgain of UML won the post of Deputy Mayor with 6,823 votes while her closest contender Nirmala Kumari Chaulgain received 4,940 votes. RSS

UML candidate outpolls closest rival by a single vote

CPN (UML) candidate won by a margin of just a single vote to be elected as the chair of the Belkotgadhi Municipality’s ward no 13.

UML’s Pashupati Lohani mustered 639 votes to be elected to the post of ward chairperson, assistant election official, Shanker Raj Pathak confirmed. His closest contender, Dhan Bahadur Lama, from the CPN (Maoist Centre) came as close as 638 votes, one less than that of the victor.

The difference of a single vote between the winner and closest contestant prompted the officials to count the ballot papers three times, but only to have the same results in hand in each recount.

Meanwhile, UML candidate Sita Pandey was elected as the ward member with 637 votes, while Maoist Centre’s Kalika Devi Bardewa was elected member from the Dalit quota with 580 votes. In the open category, Maoist Centre’s Bikash Pandey and UML’s Hari Kumar Guruwacharya were elected ward members with 625 and 498 votes respectively. RSS

May 19, 2017

Nuwakot: UML wins in Bidur Municipality

CPN (UML) candidates have won the mayor and deputy mayor’s posts in Bidur Municipality in Nuwakot.

As per the results of the local level polls in the municipality with 13 wards, UML’s Sanju Pandit garnered 9,716 votes to win. Her closes rival, Dhurab Adhikari, from Nepali Congress mustered 8,742 votes.

UML’s Gita Dahal won the deputy mayor’s post with 9,124 votes. Her closest rival, Gita Amatya, from Nepali Congress received 9,102 votes. The vote difference between the winner and the closest contender in deputy mayor’s post is only 22. RSS

Chitwan: Maoist Centre’s Dhakal wins mayor’s post in Madi Municipality

CPN (Maoist Centre) candidate has won the mayor’s post in Madi Municipality.

Thakur Prasad Dhakal garnered 3,873 votes to win the local level election. His closest rival, Khem Prasad Mahato, of Nepali Congress came as close as 3,829 votes to lose with a difference of 44 votes, according to election official, Indra Kumari Thapaliya.

CPN (UML) candidate, Tara Kumari Kaji Mahato, has won the deputy mayor’s post in the municipality. She received 4,690 votes while her closest rival, Sarita Mahato, from Maoist Centre garnered 3,804 votes. RSS

Kavre: NC candidate wins mayor’s post in Paanchkhal

Nepali Congress (NC) has clinched the mayor’s post in Paanchkhal Municipality in Kavre district.

NC’s Mahesh Kharel garnered 7,356 votes to win the top post in the municipality. His closest rival, Rudra Bahadur Baniya, from CPN (UML) mustered 6,800 votes.

In the deputy mayor’s post, NC’s Laxmi Dunuwar received 7,026 votes to win. Her closest rival, Bhakta Kumari Lama, from UML received 6,622 votes. RSS

Syangja: Female candidate wins mayor’s post in Putali Bazaar

A woman candidate has won the top post of the Putali Bazaar Municipality of Syangja.

The vote counting which concluded last night showed CPN (UML) mayoral candidate, Seema Chhetri, mustering a total of 10,249 votes to win the local level election. Her closest rival Tulasi Ram Regmi from Nepali Congress garnered 9,029 votes.

The same party’s candidate has taken the deputy mayor’s post in the municipality. UML’s Mahesh Puri received 10,388 votes to win the deputy’s post.

In the overall 14 wards in the Putali Bazaar Municipality, UML has won in 10 wards while Nepali Congress has won in four wards. With the completion of the vote count in Putali Bazaar, results have come out in all 11 local tiers in the district. RSS

May 18, 2017

Tanahun: NC in Shuklagandaki, UML in Bhimad and Ghiring

Nepali Congress candidate Kisan Gurung has won the mayoral post in Shuklagandaki Municipality in Tanahun while Mekh Bahadur Thapa of CPN (UML) bagged the post of deputy mayor.

Gurung got 9,424 votes while his rival Ram Chandra Upadhyay of CPN (UML) won 8,705 votes.

UML’s Sabita Rasaili won the post of deputy mayor with 8,983 votes while her nearest rival Sarbada Khanal of Maoist Centre got 7,436 votes.

Of the 12 wards in the municipality, UML has won 7 seats, NC won 3 while Maoist emerged victorious in two wards.

Mekh Bahadur Gurung of CPN (UML) won the mayoral post in Bhimad Municipality by securing 6,464 votes. His nearest rival Pushpa Parajuli of NC got 6,080 votes.

Sharada Khanal of UML has been elected the deputy mayor of the municipality with 6,712 votes against her rival Indira Khanal of NC. Indira got 5,777 votes.

Similarly, Ran Bahadur Rana of CPN (UML) has been elected the chair of Ghiring Rural Municipality with 3,730 votes. Rana defeated NC’s Bishnubir Thapa.

UML’s Sarswati Ghimire was elected the vice-chair of the rural municipality with 3,713 votes, defeating NC’s Nirjala Aryal. Aryal got 2762 votes. RSS

Kathmandu: UML win in Tokha Municipality

CPN (UML) Prakash Adhikari has been elected the mayor in Tokha Municipality in Kathmandu.

According to Chief Returning Officer Din Bandhu Baral, Gyanmaya Dangol of CPN (UML) was elected the deputy mayor of the municipality. RSS

Sindhuli: UML sweeps Kamalamai

CPN-UML’s Khadga Bahadur Khatri and Manju Devkota have been elected to the post of Mayor and Deputy Mayor respectively of Kamalamai municipality.

Khatri won with 11,461 votes against NC’s Uprendra Pokharel who bagged 9,004 votes. Likewise, Devkota garnered 10,609 to defeat her nearest rival Suhila Thing also of the NC, who won 10,192 votes. RSS

Gorkha: NC wins Palungtar municipality mayor

Nepali Congress candidate Dipak Babu Kandel has won the post of Mayor of Palungtar municipality.

For the win, Kandel bagged 4,698 votes to defeat his closest rival Bibash Chintan of CPN-MC who got 4,491 votes.

CPN-MC’s Pampha Basel won the post of deputy Mayor with 4,494 votes. RSS

Dhading: Maoist Centre in Benighat Rorang, UML in Tripurasundari

Hari Dallakoti of CPN (Maoist Centre) has been elected the chief of Benighat Rorang Rural Municipality in Dhading district by securing 6,041 votes.

Dallakoti’s nearest rival Giriraj Kandel of CPN (UML) got 5,255 votes.

Devi Prasad Silwal of Nepali Congress has emerged victorious in the post of deputy Mayor in the Rural Municipality by getting 5302 votes while his rival Mayadevi Sharma of UML got 5277 votes.

Likewise, Shambhu Kumar Thapa of CPN (UML) has been elected the chair of Tripurasundari Rural Municipality in Dhading district by getting 4,070 votes while his nearest rival Basu Timalsina of Nepali Congress managed 3,961 votes.

Devi Kumar Burlakoti of Nepali Congress won the post of vice-chair by getting 3990 votes against her rival Krishna Maya Thapa’s 3896 votes. RSS

Syangja: NC wins Waling municipality

Nepali Congress has won both the post of Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Waling municipality.

NC’s Dilip Pratap Khand was elected the Mayor with 10,600 votes. His nearest rival UML’s Punya Prasad Aryal garnered 8,749 votes.

Likewise, Kalpana Tiwari, also of the NC, won the post of Deputy Mayor with 9,895 votes defeating her rival UML’s Khagisara Thapa who received 9,357 votes. NC and the UML won seven wards each in the municipality. RSS

Tanahun: Entire NC panel win at Byas municipality

Entire Nepali Congress panel has won the election at Byas municipality of Tanahu district.

Baikuntha Neupane became Chairman garnering 13,056 votes, while his nearest rival Shankar Narayan Shrestha of the UML got only 9,592 votes.

Similarly, Meera Joshi was elected Vice-Chairperson getting 13,260 votes.

All 13 Wards except Ward No-4 got entire NC candidates in the municipality. Ward No-4 got UML Chairman, said Chief Returning Officer, Amar Raj Poudel.

NC candidate Maya Rana became chairperson at Myagde rural municipality getting 4,442. NC itself has been able to win the post of Vice-Chairman. Bal Krishna Ghimire was elected Vice-Chairman getting 4,592 votes. RSS

Humla: CPN (Maoist Centre) candidate wins in Sarke Rural Municipality

CPN (Maoist Centre) candidate Krishna Rokaya has been elected the chief of Sarke Rural Municipality, Humla.

Rokaya bagged the post by securing 1920 votes while his nearest rival Mang Bahadur Shahi of Nepali Congress got 1775 votes.

Likewise, UML’s Joshi Dhami was elected the deputy chair by getting 1845 votes and Dhami’s rival Danda Phadera of Nepali Congress go 1172 votes. RSS

Makwanpur: CPN (Maoist Centre) wins in Thaha Municipality

Labasher Bista of CPN (Maoist Centre) has been elected the mayor of Thaha Municipality in Makwanpur district by getting 7,044 votes.

Bista’s nearest rival Bishnu Dhakal got 5,378 votes.

Likewise, Khadag Gopali of Nepali Congress was elected the deputy mayor by securing 5,670 votes against while her rival Kalpana Gopali of CPN (UML) received 5,600 votes.

CPN (Maoist Centre) and CPN (UML) have won the chiefs of equal five wards so far. Herman Gopali has been elected as the chief of Ward No. 1, Rajesh KC in Ward No. 3, Dipak Singh Lama in Ward No. 4, Tika Ram Rumba in Ward No. 8 and Parshuram Shrestha in Ward No. 9 from the CPN (Maoist Centre) while Bishnu Bahadur Gurung in Ward No. 5, Shashidhar Subedi in Ward No. 6, Hira Bahadur Gamal in Ward No. 10 and Man Bahadur Syangtan in Ward No. 12 have been elected from the CPN (UML). RSS

3,285 representatives elected so far: Election Commission

Nawalparasi: UML wins Gaidakot municipal mayor

CPN-UML candidate Chhatraraj Poudel has been elected chairman of Gaidakot municipality of Nawalaprasi. He garnered 11,302 votes while his nearest rival Gajendra Ale from Nepali Congress got 11,078 votes.

However, the Nepali Congress candidate Bishnu Kandel Sapkota has been elected the vice-chairperson. Sapkota achieved 11,555 votes against UML’s Radha Pande. Pande got 10,456 votes.

In the district, the vote count has been over at Devhuli, Gaindakot and Madhyabindu municipalities and Bulingtar Hupsekot, Binayi Tribeni and Bungdikali rural municipalities.

Nepali Congress candidates won the chairpersons in all other places except Kaidakot. With this, Kawasoti municipality is left to announce the results. RSS

Sindhupalchowk: Sherpa of CPN (UML) wins Mayoral post in Bahrabise Municipality

Nimphunjo Sherpa of the CPN (UML) has got victorious and is elected the mayor of Bahrabise Municipality of Sindhupalchowk with 4,929 votes.

His nearest rival Bal Krishna Basnet of the Nepali Congress received 4,711 votes.

Similarly, Sushila Pakhrin of the CPN (UML) has been elected to the post of Deputy-Mayor. She got 5,015 votes while her closest rival Leela Nepal of the NC received 4,813 votes.

NC has won the election to the post of Chairperson in ward no 1, 2, 3, 4 and 9 while CPN (UML) got victorious to the post of Chairperson in ward no 5, 6, 7 and 8 of the municipality. RSS

Lalitpur: NC candidate, Maharjan, wins mayoral race at Godawari

Nepali Congress mayoral candidate Gajendra Maharjan has emerged victorious in Godawari Municipality with 13,820 votes.

His closest contender Shyam Krishna Silwal of CPN (UML) secured 11,087 votes.

NC candidate Muna Bhandari secured her position in deputy mayoral race with 12,779 votes against 12,396 of UML candidate Tara Sanjel. RSS

Sindhupalchowk: UML candidate, Aryal, wins mayor in Melamchi municipality

CPN-UML’s Dambar Bahadur Aryal has been elected mayor in Melamchi Municipality in the district. He secured 8678 votes while his nearest contender Nepali Congress’s Aitaman Tamang got 7,033 votes.

Likewise, UML’s Bhagawati Nepal claimed Deputy Mayor with 9,117 votes. Her closest competitor Nepali Congress’ Sabita Gurung garnered 6,739 votes.

Furthermore, UML’s Rudra Prasad Dulal and Ram Bahadur Tamang won chairpersons in the municipality ward-11 and 12 respectively.

Similarly, CPN (Maoist Center)’s Debendra Ghorsaine emerged victorious to chairperson in the municipality-13. RSS

Mugu: NC candidate, Shahi, clinches Mayroal post

Nepali Congress candidate Hari Jung Shahi has been elected to the post of Mayor of Chhayanath Rara Municipality in Mugu district with 3,560 votes.

His closest rival, Jit Bahadur Malla, of CPN (UML) received 3,441 votes.

Similarly, Suntala Rokaya of the CPN (UML) has got victorious to the post of Deputy Mayor. Rokaya received 3,225 votes against 2,970 votes bagged by her closest rival, Shur Bahadur Budha of the CPN (Maoist Centre).

Out of three rural municipalities in the district, vote counting of only two rural municipalities has been concluded so far.

Nepali Congress has won the election to the post of Chairperson of Karmarom Rural Municipality while CPN (UML) got victorious to the post of chairperson of Khatyad Rural Municipality. RSS

Sindhupalchowk: Maoist Centre Tamang wins in mayoral race at Chautara Sangachowk Gadhi

CPN (Maoist Centre)’s mayoral candidate Aman Singh Tamang has emerged victorious in Chautara Sangachowk Gadhi Municipality with 7,729 votes.

His closest contender Som Sapkota of CPN (UML) secured 5,806 votes.

Similarly, MC candidate Januka Parajuli secured her position in deputy mayoral race with 7,722 votes against 6,268 of UML candidate Sita Thapa.

Likewise, MC has won in ward no 4, 5, 7,9,11 and 13 while UML has won in ward no 1, 3, 6, 10, 12, and 14. The Rastriya Prajatantra Party has won in ward no 2 while Nepali Congress has won in ward no 8. RSS

Myagdi: NC mayoral candidate wins election in Beni Municipality

Vote counting under the local-level election in Myagdi district has concluded this morning.

Out of one municipality and five rural municipalities in Myagdi district, candidate of Nepali Congress has won the election to the post of Mayor of Beni municipality and chairperson of three rural municipalities.

Similarly, the CPN (UML) candidate has got victorious to the post of chairperson of two rural municipalities, said Kedarnath Poudel, Chief of the District Election Office, Myagdi.

NC candidate of mayoral post, Hari Kumar Shrestha, has won the election with 5,679 votes. His nearest rival Pramod Shrestha of the CPN (UML) got 5,634 votes.

Similarly, NC candidates have been elected to the post of chairperson of Annapurna Rural Municipality, Raghuganga Rural Municipality and Malika Rural Municipality while CPN (UML) candidates clinched post of chairperson of Dhaulagiri Rural Municipality and Mangala Rural Municipality. RSS

Kathmandu: NC candidate Basnet wins mayoral race at Dakshinkali

Nepali Congress mayoral candidate Mohan Basnet has emerged victorious in Dakshinkali Municipality with 4,698 votes.

His closest contender Shashi Sharma of CPN (UML) secured 4,268 votes.

Similarly, NC candidate Basanti Tamang secured her position in deputy mayoral race with 4,749 votes against 4,330 of UML candidate Mira Maharjan.

Likewise, NC has won in ward no 2, 4 and 9 while UML has won in other municipality wards. There are nine wards in the Municipality. RSS

Dailekh: NC candidate Bhandari wins mayoral race at Dullu

Nepali Congress mayoral candidate Ghanashyam Bhandari has emerged victorious in Dully municipality with 6,349 votes.

His nearest rival Barunath Yogi of CPN-UML secured 6,280 votes.

UML candidate Bishnu Thapa secured her position in deputy mayoral race with 6,478 votes against 6,109 of NC.

Likewise, NC has emerged victorious in six local levels including one municipality and five rural municipalities in Myagdi district.

NC has won Mayor in Beni municiplai8ty and secured different positions in Annapurna, Malika and Raghuganga rural municipalities.

Likewise, UML has emerged victorious in Mangala and Dhaulagiri rural municipalities. RSS

Baglung: CPN-UML has emerged victorious in Dhorpatan municipality.

Dev Kumar Nepali of CPN-UML secured win to the post of chairperson with 2,692 votes. Karmati Gharti of same party won vice-chairperson with 2,079 votes.

Likewise, Mayor Singh Paija of UML elected to the chairperson of Badigadrural municipality. However, Ammar Bahadur Shrish of Nepali Congress secured victory in vice-chairperson of the rural municipality.

NC has won election in three rural municplaities, UML in three and CPN (MC) and Rastriya Janamorcha one each in total 10 local levels in the district.

Vote count is underway in Baglung and Jaimini municipalities. UML is taking lead in Baglung municipality while NC is ahead in Jaimini. RSS

Tanahun: NC sweeps all eight wards of Rishingma

Nepali Congress has secured landslide victory at Rishing rural municipality in Tanahun district with chairperson, vice-chairperson and panels in all wards.

NC candidate Rajendra Krishna Shrestha emerged victorious to the post of Chairperson with 4,941 votes. His arch-rival Bhupal Thapa Magar of CPN-UML got 2,489 votes.

Ginumaya Thapa Magar of NC ascended to vice-chairperson securing 4,949 votes against 2,377 of her close competitor Madhumaya Shrestha of CPN-UML.

According to Election Officer Ganga Bahadur Chhetri, NC candidates won chairpersons and members in all wards (1 to 8).

Likewise, NC candidate Gir Bahadur Thapa elected to the post of Chairperson of Anbukhaireni rural municipality with 2,589 votes. His close contender Santa Bahadur KC of CPN-UML received 2,242 votes.

Pushpa Devi Shrestha of NC got victory in the post of vice-chairperson of the rural municipality with 2,297 votes.

Earlier, CPN (MC) candidates Purna Singh Thapa and Karuna Gurung got elected to the chair and vice-chair of Bandipur rural municipality, respectively. RSS

Gorkha: Congress in Darche; Maoist in Sahid Lakhan

Nepali Congress (NC)’s candidates Santa Bahadur Gurung (Santosh) and Fulmaya Gurung have been elected to the posts of Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson of Dharche rural municipality of Gorkha district, respectively.

Santosh Gurung defeated Laxman Gurung, a joint candidate of Naya Shakti Party and CPN-UML, in the race for chairperson by 51 votes.

NC candidate Santosh secured 1.709 against 1,656 by his close contender Laxman. In vice-chairperson too, NC candidate Fulmaya obtained 1,595 against 1,128 of CPN (MC).

Meanwhile, CPN (MC) secured its victory to the posts of chairperson and vice-chairperson at Shahid Lakhan rural municipality.

Ramesh Thapa secured 3,807 votes to win chairperson while his close contender Krishna Bahadur Ale of NC obtained 3,404 votes.

Likewise, CPN (MC) candidate Indira Tiwari elected to the vice-chairperson with 3,798 votes. Her nearest rival Sharmeela Shrestha of NC secured 3,575 votes.

Earlier, NC has secured its wins in Chumnubri, Siranchowk, Ajirkot and Gandaki rural municipalities.
Vote count is underway in Bhimsen, Arughat and Sulikotrural municipalities and in Gorkha and Paluntar municipalities. RSS

Parbat: NC win in Jaljala rural municipality

Yam Bahadur Malla of Nepali Congress has been elected the chairperson in Jaljala rural municipality of northern Parbat district with 3,723 votes.

Malla’s nearest contender Lal Bahadur Adhikari of CPN-UML received 3,078 votes. Likewise, CPN (Maoist Centre)’s candidate Baburam Karki got 1,921 votes.

Seema Pun of the NC emerged victorious in vice-chairperson with 3,783 votes. Anita Sharma of UML obtained 3,657 votes.

Nepali Congress won chairpersons in four wards (2,3,4 and 8) whereas CPN (MC) secured win in two wards (7 and 9) and UML in three wards (1,5 and 6). RSS

May 17, 22:30 NC cadre dies while participating in victory rally

Dolpa: UML candidate elected mayor of Tripurasundari Municipality

The CPN (UML) candidates have been elected to the post of Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Tripurasundari Municipality in Dolpa district, according to the District Election Office, Dolpa.

Mayoral candidate Om Bahadur Budha secured 1,609 votes and the deputy mayor candidate Ms. Chandra Kumari Budha 1,845 votes to clinch the election.

Om Bahadur’s nearest contender Dil Bahadur Bista of the Nepali Congress bagged 1,521 votes while the mayoral candidate from the CPN (Maoist Centre) Ram Lal BK secured 837 votes.

Likewise, deputy mayoral candidate from the Nepali Congress, Ms Buddha Kumari Shahi secured 1,064 votes while the CPN (Maoist Centre)’s deputy mayoral candidate Ms. Kali Chalaune polled 955 votes. RSS

Jajarkot: NC wins chair in Barekot rural municipality

Nepali Congress (NC) candidate Mahendra Shah has been elected the chairperson of Barekot rural municipality in Jajarkot district with 2,148 votes.

Likewise, Uma Shahi of CPN (Maoist Centre) emerged victorious to the post of vice-chairperson securing 2,224 votes.

NC candidate Shah’s close rival Tilak Rawat of CPN-MC received 2,129 votes. Likewise, CPN-MC candidate Shahi’s arch rival Geeta Singh secured 2,157 votes in the post of vice-chairperson. RSS

Sindhuli: NC wins at Golanzar rural municipality

Nepali Congress candidates have been elected both as Chairman and Vice-Chairman at Golanzar rural municipality of Sindhuli district.

Pushpa Bahadur Karki was elected Chairman with 3,376 votes and Ganga Devi Shrestha as Vice-Chairwoman with 3,287 votes.

Their nearest rivals were from the CPN UML. RSS

Bhaktapur: Re-polling in Changunarayan-6 on Wednesday

The Election Commission (EC) has made a decision to hold re-election at Changunarayan-6 based voting centre following dispute.

Election Commission to add additional counting teams

The Election Commission (EC) has decided to assign additional teams for counting votes in various places under the local poll as the counting has become painstakingly slow.

Makwanpur: NC candidate wins in Hetauda Sub Metropolis-1

Nepali Congress candidate has emerged victorious in Hetauda Sub Metropolis-1.

The vote counting concluded this morning as per which NC’s Sabin Neupane mustered 1,145 votes to win the post of ward chair. Neupane is the editor of ‘Sajha Kura’ published from Hetauda.

His closest contender, Uttar Neupane, from CPN (UML) garnered 1,036 votes. RSS

NC wins in Raghuganga-1, UML win in Annapurna-3

Nepali Congress has won all the posts including that of the ward chairperson in the Raghuganga Village Council – 1.

NC’s Bil Bahadur Phagami has emerged victorious as the ward chair with 419 votes under his belt at Raghuganga – 1 while his closest rival Narsingh Pun, a candidate from CPN (UML), garnered 263 votes.

Meanwhile, in Annapurna Village Council – 3, CPN (UML) candidate Narsingh Pun has won the election for the ward chair with 507 votes. His closest contender from Nepali Congress, Bel Bahadur Pun, garnered 446 votes. RSS

Vote counting postponed in Kirtipur

Vote counting in Kirtipur Municipality – which started on Sunday night – has been postponed due to a dispute between the political parties. Read more…