Heavy rainfall costs big in Mahottari

The torrential rainfall with strong wind has caused big damages in different villages of Mahottari district.

According to the District Police Office, the downpour and wind occurred since 3.00 this morning caused damages worth tens of thousands rupees in Mahottari district.

“The wind swept away roofs of dozens of houses in some villages”, said victims. “It broke down sheds and shops in other areas.”

The abrupt rainfall also damaged ready-to-harvest wheat in different areas of the district, according to the District Agriculture Development Office, Mahottari.

Farmers have also said that the rain followed by wind had destroyed vegetable farming in hundreds of hectares of land in the district.

Meanwhile, the strong wind dismantled electric poles in more than half a dozen villages in the district causing disruption of power supply, said the Electricity Authority Branch, Jaleswor.

The downpour has also triggered huge damages to main road sections of the district including Jaleswor-Janakpur, Jaleswor-Matihani, Jaleswor-Bhittamod and Jaleswor-Rauja. RSS