Chitwan National Park grows 20.63 sqkm bigger

Area of Chitwan National Park has increased 20.63 square kilometers, according to information published in the government Gazette.

The park has grown to 952.63 square kilometers, an increment from earlier 932 square kilometers 38 years ago. This is the second time when the park area has expanded since the sanctuary was established in 1973.

The area expansion is attributed to the relocation of a human settlement at Padampur to east sector of the park in 2060 B.S. by the government in line with the National Park and Wild Life Conservation Act 2029.

Enlisted as the World Heritage Site in 1984, the Chitwan National Park extends to four districts — Chitwan, Nawalparasi, Makawanpur and Parsa. It is home to plethora of vegetation and wildlife including 605 rhinos, 120 tigers and 368 blue bulls. RSS