Chief election commissioner seeks parties create election-friendly atmosphere

Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Dr Ayodhee Prasad Yadav has called on political parties to reach people’s doorsteps and help create an atmosphere conducive of holding the election.

Talking to journalists at his office today, the CEC said political parties were not seen at the local-level with election-related programmes on a scale as they were supposed to be there when the election date was approaching.

” The country is holding the local election for the first time in two decades. All political parties are expected to disseminate the message meaningfully and also contribute to the election commission’s efforts at making people aware of a voting process”, Dr Yadav said.

He urged political leaders to seek an immediate solution to the existing political problem in the country saying, ” The Election Commission wants a political atmosphere favorable to the election. ”

He went on to say that the EC was moving ahead as per its plan for conducting the election on May 14. “The government and political parties should create atmosphere in which voters could use their franchise in a free and fair manner”, he added.

The local election will be conducted at 744 local levels. So far printing of ballot papers for 71 out of 75 districts has been completed. Printing of voter names for 67 districts and voter identity cards for 60 districts is ongoing.

It may be noted that the offices of chief election officers were set up peacefully in all 75 districts along the seven provinces on Sunday. RSS