Boy chained for 17 yrs rescued and admitted to hospital

Jhapa Mentally Ill Boy Gets Help

Leela Prasad Chamlagain of Rajgadh-8, Jhapa who had been kept in chains for 17 years by the family for showing abnormal behaviour has been rescued and admitted to a hospital.

The news about Chamlagain’s wretched condition was first released by the National News Agency (RSS) on March 13, which has instantly prompted the Birtamod-based B & C Hospital to announce his free treatment.

A team comprising Hospital executive director Durga Prasai, Assistant Chief District Officer Bheem Prasad Tiwari, media persons, human rights activists and a representative from the Women and Children Office, Jhapa reached his house this morning to rescue him.

Executive director Prasai said the hospital would bear his entire treatment cost and if the treatment was not possible at home, he would be taken abroad.

“We are committed to sending him home after complete recovery”, he said.

His treatment has begun and a medical team comprising hospital’s psychiatrist Dr Sandip Barma is to see him, according to hospital’s public relations officer Pramish Giri.

Chamlagain’s mother had earlier said that the family was unable to afford for the ailing boy’s treatment due to poor financial condition. RSS