Bhanu Bhakta’s statue set up in India’s Nadia district

A statue of Nepal’s ‘Adikabi’ Bhanu Bhakta Acharya has been established in the Indian city of Krishnanagar (Nadia district of western Bengal).

Nepal’s Consul General at the Nepal Consulate General’s office in Kolkata, Yek Narayan Aryal, and Kalyani Municipality Chairperson, Sushil Kumar Talukdar, inaugurated the statue set up under the patronage of the municipality and support of Nepali Public Service Society Welfare.

On the occasion, Nepali Janasewa Society, Kalyani’s annual mouthpiece’s fifth edition was made public Lainsingh Bangdel Literature Art Academy Kolkata Secretary, Bikash Karki said.

Support also came from Kalyani Municipality’s former Chairman, Dr Nilemesh Rao Chaudhary, incumbent Chair Talukdar and Counselor, Nivedita Basu, among others for establishment of the statue. RSS