Bagmati, the big-budget film, completes

Kathmandu, Nov 2 – A Nepali feature film tiled ‘Bagmati’ has been made with a budget of around Rs 50 million.

The producers of the movie have claimed its shooting was completed in 45 days and it is a top quality film with the highest investment so far in the Nepali film industry.

At a news conference held by the Tree Entertainment Pvt Ltd here on Saturday, producer of the film Ashoda Rai said that the film has been made with the objective of fulfilling social responsibility in the context of the Bagmati River which epitomizes an entire civilization, losing its natural self and beauty due to the onslaught of time and human encroachment.

Movie star Rajesh Hamal said the film, centred on social theme, has highly ambitious objective, expressing the belief that it would contribute towards raising the standard of the Nepali cinema and taking it to the international level.

The shooting of the film had started on October 17. The shooting equipments were brought from South India. It encompasses scenes from the source of the Bagmati River from Bagdwar to Chovar where the river exits the Kathmandu.

The film will release on January 15, 2015. RSS