Adviser to Mustang’s ex-King to run for Lo-Manthang top post

Former King of Mustang late Jigme Parwal Bista’s adviser, Indra Dhara Bista, has declared his candidacy for the chief post of Lo-Manthang Village Council.

King Bista died in course of treatment in Kathmandu two months ago. Late Bista had been revered as a cultural king by the locals after the royal institution in Upper Mustang was formally abolished after 2005-06.

Adviser Bista, who had been earlier appointed as the Vice Chairman of Lo-Manthang VDC, will run for election as an independent candidate.

The 25 – year – old adviser to the late king says he registered as a candidate for keeping the Mustang King’s cultural legacy alive, long-term operation of Korala border point, educational development and promotion of tourism in Upper Mustang.

“The people of the Upper Mustang have great belief in the royal institution, it is important that we preserve it in a cultural front,” he said, adding “Following the death of Jigme, we have plans to declare Prince Jigmesigme Parawal Bista as the cultural king next year.”

The adviser was of the opinion that it is necessary to save the royal institution as tourism of Mustang is interconnected with it. Bista is the first to announce his candidacy for the village council’s top post. RSS