80 year old murder convict arrested

Police have arrested an 80 year old man convicted of murdering four people 42 years ago from Puchaudi Municipality in Baitadi district.

Parme Bhatta had been hiding ever since he murdered four people, including Arjun Awasthi, Putali Awasthi and Kalasha Awasthi, with a Khukuri in Puchaudi Municipality-10, police said.

The murder took place when the deceased tried to intervene while Bhatta was looting their house at night, police said. Bhatta had taken shelter in the house of the deceased on that fateful day.

Earlier, 23 years ago, the District Court had sentenced Bhatta to 20 years in prison on the same charge. The Appellate Court and the Supreme Court also upheld the verdict of the District Court in the case. RSS