Why is Davis fall so popular amongst tourists?

Davis fall

Davis fall, situated two kilometer south of Pokhara town center, is by far the most popular tourist destination within Pokhara.

Davis fall is a big tourist attraction, visited by tens of thousands throughout the year. So what makes it so popular?

Compared to great water falls from around the world it looks miniature. Water falls like the Niagara in America, Iguazu in Brazil and many others are spectacular in every way you look at them. And it is easy to understand the attraction.

Although Davis fall is not a giant or the prettiest amongst water falls, it seem to give a certain vibe as you go closer. It doesn’t fall to a picture perfect lagoon at the bottom like others, instead drops down through a big dark hole through the rocks and disappear.

The top of the fall has rocks carved out by the force of water making them look like some kind of giant monster sticking its head out of the earth trying to feast on something.

As you go closer and look down, it gives you the crepes. It looks something in the dark crevasse is sucking everything in. One loose footing and there is no coming back, at least looks that way.

Could it be the fear factor that draws people? What about the mystery surrounding the name itself?

On the information boards at the Davis fall entrance, it mentions the story of Swiss citizen Mrs Davis. It says on 31 July 1961, Mrs Davis was swept away while bathing few meters ahead of the fall with her husband. She died and ever since the fall is known as Davis fall.

But then there are other stories. Trekker Devin Devis was said is said to have been washed away to his eventual death. His body never to be found. Some even go on to say that he was skinny dipping at the Fewa Lake, that feed Davis fall, at the time.

Then there is the story of David who committed suicide, jumping to his death. Add to that the word Devi in Nepali means goddess. Gods and goddesses are ingrained deep within Nepalese society. So was it referred as a goddess?

So it is know by different names as well as Davis fall, David’s fall and Devin fall. The locals call it Patale Chhango meaning, literally, hell’s fall.

All of these sound plausible, but verifying the truth is beyond the scope of this article.

What ever the reason behind the its name, the mystery just adds to the fascination of Davis fall.