Tattoo & Lifestyle convention concluded in style.

Nepal Inked tattoo & lifestyle convention

The three day event, Tattoo and lifestyle convention, concluded with live music and stunt performance by the KTM street riders.

Nepal Inked had previously organized the same event not long ago and staged another after a huge demand in Kathmandu and they will likely host another of these soon.

According to Nepal Inked, the idea behind the convention is to raise awareness amongst Nepalese, of the rich cultural affinity towards body art. At the same time Nepal Inked is trying to promote the ever growing tattoo industry along with other forms of art and artists in the country.

Almost all of the tattoo stalls at the exhibition hall were packed throughout the three day event with local tattoo enthusiasts as well as a lot of foreigners.

Nepal Inked brought together tattoo artists primarily from Nepal but there were plenty of artists from around the world like Emilio Gonzalez, Mark Powell and Piotr Olejnik.

On top of that live music by some of the well known names in Nepalese heavy metal scene made the event well worth the trouble even for those who might not have liked to go through the pain of tattooing.

Then there was the stunt bike show featuring one of the top motor cycle stunt teams, KTM street riders. If that wasn’t enough there were bicycle stunts to compliment the highly dangerous maneuvers.

Rajesh Ranjit (aka Bikerz Rezax) the team,s senior rider along with Manish Shrestha (aka Hata ke Sieze), Bikin Shrestha, Karan KC, Gaaurav Pathak and Kapil Manandhar all took turns to awe the crowd.

These boys had a tight space to work with at the Bhrikuti Mandap car park. To make it worse the surface was full of dirt. Even then they did their job perfectly well, with a lot of wheelie, drifting, burnouts and stoppies. At times almost touching the crowd with the wheel.

The impressive of all were the Canadian fast spin by Hata ke Seize and Surfer boy wheely by Rajesh Ranjit.

One trick that didn’t come out as hoped was obviously the burnouts because of the dirt, but then again, the dust did put a good effect as if it was smoke.
As for the live music, my best moment was Newas singing “bandarko rato chaak, monkey has a red bottom (putting it politely). Some species indeed have red bottoms but never thought some one would write a song about it, let alone sing it.

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