Bike stunt riders, a rare breed in Nepal

KTM street riders's Manish Shrestha

Bike stunt riding, which is quite rare in the world stage of sport has caught the Nepalese youths’ attention for few years now  and more and more are taking up the sport.

While we were at the Chyasal football ground, covering football of course, we caught a rare glimpse of Nepali Bike stunt riders practicing their moves. They were preparing for the upcoming stunt competition, which takes place at the Bhrikuti Mandap in Kathmandu on 20 October.

Most of these youths have started as a hobby and stuck to it. Their passion has grown even though making a living out of it seems a distant dream.

No surprise there as not many  in the world have been able to call themselves as pros. Even Antonio Carlos, better known as the god father of modern bike stunt riding didn’t have a smooth ride.

Manish ShresthaManish Shrestha aka Hata-ke Seize, one of Nepal’s top bike stunt riders says “what started as a hobby has turned into more of an addiction but I don’t see us making a living from this sport any time soon.”

He said he’d had few offers from the movie industry, and has featured in a movie called black diary. And the members of KTM street riders have featured in another movie, Champion.

Lack of proper facilities means they are having to practice their moves on a public road, not quite the place for bike stunts.

These guys don’t have the came caliber of machine in their hands as their counterparts in other countries. They don’t have huge brake disks with multiple calipers. Nor do they have any kind of sponsorships. But their only concern for now is a place where they can practice their art.

Manish Shrestha, said it was difficult to get permission from government for their practice sessions. He added ” i wish there were purpose built roads for us.”

When asked if there would be interest, if private investors built a paid site for their stunt trainings, Manish said ” sure, there are a lot of people who would happily pay for it including me.”

This does seem like a good business opportunity for an adventurous entrepreneur. But until some one does build a good facility, these guys will have to practice on the public roads.

And for those who want to take up this sport, Manish Shrestha is more than happy to help them. Visit his facebook page or KTM Street riders for more information.