Sequent launches kinetic self-charging smart watch on kickstarter


SEQUENT is set to launch the revolutionary “SuperCharger” hybrid kinetic self-charging smart watch on kickstarter 5th July 2017.

Sequent’s new smart watch comes with a revolutionary kenetic self-charging technology which provides infinite power supply — eliminating the need for charging from socket outlets as well as the battery requirement.

“After more than three years of intensive research & development, we are proud to launch a smart watch with a breakthrough technology that will redefine the future of all smart devices”, said the watch designer, Adrian Buchmann.

Buchmann’s other works includes the C1 Grand Malvern Power Reserve and C60 Trident for Christopher Ward.

The launch of the SuperCharger smart watch, solves a major problem faced by the smart watch industry, which suffers from insufficient battery supply for its devices.

“100% clean energy”

“We are the first ones who mastered the transformation of kinetic “100% clean” energy into infinite electrical energy to power a smart watch”, said the Sequent CEO, Petra Guhl. “Some already say that we will become the TESLA of the smart watches and wearable industry as we share the same vision.”

The watch also features other technologies such as the newest generation of Heart Rate sensor, GPS tracking and notification system, which can connect by Bluetooth to the proprietary Biofeedback health & sport app.

The prices for the SEQUENT “SuperCharger” smart watch starts from USD 149.