Volvo V90 with BiFuel Technology launched

Westport Fuel Systems Inc. today announced that Volvo Car will launch the BiFuel version of its new V90 station wagon.

The Volvo V90 BioFuel is based on the same engine technology as the Volvo V60 sports wagon which recently won second place in the Best Environmental Car in Sweden company car category.

The BiFuel engine can run on either compressed natural gas/bio-methane or petrol, which is said to offer low emissions of 120g CO2 when run on compressed natural gas and 40g CO2 with 100% biogas.

The car will also feature high-performance 254hp engine, 350nm torque and an 8 speed automatic gearbox.
Sales of the Volvo V90 BiFuel starts in Sweden in June 2016 and the vehicle deliveries are set to start in December 2016.